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Agility Forex – Canadian Cross Border Payment Specialist

International Payments
Agility Forex make the process of sending money overseas easy and painless. Their online platform provides real time pricing with the best rates, with transactions being completed in seconds. Simply add and choose your beneficiary, how much you are sending and what currency you are paying in. Simple.

If you know you have a currency requirement sometime in the future and are concerned about what the currency rate might do between now and then, you can lock in a rate today for that future requirement. Forwards allow you to take the risk out of future market movements by agreeing the rate you transact at today.

Options are another way to manage your future currency risk. Options can be a good way to manage your downside risk so you know what your worst case scenario is whilst allowing you to benefit from a currency move in your favour.

Limit Order
A limit order is an order to buy or sell currency at a pre-determined rate better than what is currently available. When the target level is reached your currency is purchased automatically. Our systems monitor client orders around the clock, 24/7.

Stop Loss Order
A stop loss order is designed to protect your downside. You may have a currency exchange requirement but are waiting for a better rate, a stop loss order will give you piece of mind that you are protected from a sudden large move against you.

Minimum Amounts
Please bear in mind that Agility Forex have minimum transaction amounts, which is generally 5000 of base currency however for USDCAD the minimum is 3000 USD. Agility Forex only deal in electronic funds and can’t accept payment in cash or by cheque.

Analysis and Market Information
As specialists in foreign exchange Agility Forex live and breathe the currency markets. They monitor news and trends and keep you informed with email updates.

No fees, no commission. Our fully automated systems let you price, transact and securely speed your payments around the World, in time every time. And all at the best rates. Register Now.

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5 Reviews for “Agility Forex – Canadian Cross Border Payment Specialist”

  1. S Pink says:

    I just completed my first trade with Agility Forex…….a refreshingly efficient and transparent process. Given the size of the transaction (USD300k) I was keen to ensure I got the best possible rate and I compared the rate to another non-bank fx provider I have used in the past. Agility beat their quote by a mile…..the whole process was so simple

  2. Paul D says:

    Far and away the best rate with great service. The platform is simple and straightforward allowing rate checking at any time. Simply the best way to exchange currency!

  3. Dave G says:

    Setting up an account is simple and the platform is easy to navigate. They were fast and efficient with great rates, saving me over $400. Highly recommend them.

  4. renee says:

    Hello I have a 20,000 usd that I need to transfer in cdn dollars,i does it work ?

    1. pete says:

      Yes, should work. Phone and ask for a test account where you can get quotes but cannot execute a trade. If you think it is worth it, sign up an account.


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