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Euro – Daily Market Updates keep our customers aware of the latest Euro exchange rates, charts and rate changes in the major EUR cross currency pairs. This allows you to take advantage of any market moves plus the low margins from our online currency and foreign payment partners to ensure you get the best possible exchange rates deals.

US Political Questions Scuttle Greenback

Questions as to whether President Trump can deliver on his election promises of tax cuts and infrastructure spending have unnerved equity markets. Global equity indices followed US equity indices lower in Asia and in Europe and that weakness drove USDJPY down to levels last seen on November 22. Tuesday’s USDJPY sell-off in New York extended throughout the entire overnight session, helped by a better than expected Japan Trade report.  View article >

GBP up on EUR, USD, AUD as UK Inflation Rises


GBP/USD 1 Week Chart
The Pound (GBP) rallied against its peers on Tuesday as markets reacted favourably to the UK’s latest inflation figures. Data released by the ONS showed that the inflation rate leapt from 1.8% to 2.3% in February, outpacing forecasts it would rise to 2.1% and striking its highest levels since September 2013. The jump prompted speculation that the Bank of England (BoE) will be forced to raise interest rates to prevent inflation from rising further. View article >

Dollar Lower Across the Board

The US dollar is on the defensive as the New York session starts.  Better than expected UK inflation data and a strong performance by French centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron in a TV debate. lifted sterling and Euro, respectively. In Asia, the RBA minutes pointed out pitfalls from the housing market and rising personal debt which drove AUDUSD down from 07737 to 0.7698. View article >

Pound Softens as Brexit Date Announced


GBP/USD 1 Week Chart
The Pound (GBP) tumbled against the other majors yesterday as Prime Minister Theresa May announced that she would trigger Article 50 next Wednesday. The slump suggests that Brexit has not been completely priced into Sterling, with markets still having concerns over the uncertainty that Britain’s split from the EU will bring. However the Pound could mount a recovery later this morning as economists expect February’s CPI figures to surge, with the UK’s inflation rate forecast to jump from 1.8% to 2.1%. View article >

G20 Waters Down Free Trade

The G20 handed President Trump a minor victory and failed to include the usual pledge to keep global trade free and open.  Score “1” for the Donald. Asia markets were not overly impressed with the omission and kept the US dollar on the defensive, a carry-forward action from last week. The fact that Japan was closed for Vernal Equinox Day probably exaggerated the impact although FX ranges were fairly narrow. View article >

Pound’s Early Losses Reversed by Rate Hike Speculation


GBP/USD 1 Week Chart
An early morning slump in the Pound (GBP) was reversed this morning as markets began to speculate on the possibility of the Bank of England raising interest rates earlier than expected. The dissent of policymaker Kristin Forbes in last week’s policy meeting and expectations that inflation will continue surging this month has prompted economists to forecast that the BoE may hike rates later this year. View article >

Greenback Treading Water

The greenback appears to have treaded water in a very quiet, slightly nervous overnight session.  Yesterday afternoon, a re-hashed comment by US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin supporting a “strong dollar”, lifted the US dollar across the board. Shortly afterwards, the ECB’s Ewald Nowotny, musing about how the central bank could end quantitative easing, said “The American model was to finish bond purchases first, but this model might not transfer well to Europe, then added, “interest rates also wouldn’t have to be increased simultaneously nor to the same extent.” “The ECB could also raise the deposit rate earlier than the prime rate,” Traders only saw the last line, about interest rates rising, and EURUSD soared along with EUR crosses, including EURCAD. View article >

Pound Rallies after Lone BoE Vote for Rate Hike


GBP/USD 1 Week Chart
The Pound (GBP) received an unexpected boost yesterday as a Bank of England (BoE) policymaker broke ranks and voted to raise interest rates in the March meeting. While the monetary policy committee (MPC) ultimately voted 8-1 to leave interest rates unchanged at a record low of 0.25%, the dissent from Kristin Forbes was enough to send markets crazy as she argued that the rapid rise in inflation and strong employment stats were indications that the BoE should be looking to tighten monetary policy. View article >

Euro – Fri Mar 17: EUR Up vs USD, CHF, AUD, CAD & INR and Down vs GBP.

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The Euro is today up 0.37% against the United States Dollar, down -0.17% against the British Pound Sterling, up 0.06% against the Swiss Franc, up 0.62% against the Australian Dollar, up 0.47% against the Canadian Dollar and up 0.85% against the Indian Rupee.
EUR Daily Rate Alerts
Read on for the latest 1-week and 3-month EUR cross rate fluctuations, charts and trends. View article >

Dollar Steady after FOMC Drop

The US dollar was thrashed after the delivered what can best be described as a “doveish rate hike” on Wednesday. That moved had been well-telegraphed by Fed officials well ahead of time which gave rise to expectations for an upward shift in the pace of 2017 rate increases.  It didn’t happen. Traders bailed out of long US dollar positions and the greenback dropped across the G10 currency bloc. View article >

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