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For transfers of less than AUD 2,000 or equivalent you’ll get a great deal at the team at Tranzfers.

Fee Free Special Offer: Get your first two transfers with Tranzfers fee free when referred from BestExchangeRates

What are the normal fees with Tranzfers? Are there any hidden charges or receiving bank charges?

The fees are currency based e.g. If you are converting from UK Pounds, then the fee is £7. For each of the currencies you can Tranzfer, the fee is as follows:


Tranzfers guarantee no receiving bank fees in Australia, the UK and New Zealand. In other countries they minimise the chances that a receiving bank fee is charged by sending the money directly to your account from within that country.

If you’re planning on doing transactions larger than AUD 2,000 or equivalent then you should consider registering with Ozforex where the two fee free deal offer also applies.

4 Reviews for “Tranzfers – Customer Feedback”

  1. The whole website and its function work really well: – Firstly, it’s aesthetically pleasing – It’s easy to navigate around the website – Thirdly, the whole transfer process is very straightforward – The transfer charges are very reasonable – better than any bank – Flexibility is a big plus; you can choose when to place your trade or simply leave it up to them Overall, a very pleasant experience – I would highly recommend it!…

  2. I can only write positive things about this service. On one occasion i wrote an email asking them a question, within 5 minutes of me sending it they were on the phone explaining it to me. So within 10 minutes of my email being sent my question had been answered. This is top class service. My partner and I have used this service about 10 times now and have only good things to say, they transfer of money is very quick and hassle free. Will continue to use this service, and would strongly recommend…

  3. I’ve been using Tranzfers for about 6 months now to get money from the GBP to DKK. I find it the best way to get money overseas without suffering bank charges. The rates they give track the market rate & are only slightly below. Overall, it’s an effect service & I will continue to use it whilst I’m living abroad….

  4. I’ve been using Tranzfers for the last couple of years for when I moved to London and now that I’ve returned moving my money back to Australia. The rates I find are the best available, and the fees when they are applied are pretty low. The low fees and best rates equal more money in my pocket which I’m happy with. Would gladly recommend to a friend….


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