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Travelex Online – Customer Feedback

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travelex-squareThe Travelex Online rates shown on BestExchangeRates generally are better than their rates in-store or at the airport and available only when you Order Travel Money Online using the links provided. The minimum online order amount is $250 and the maximum order amount is $5,000 (or foreign currency equivalent). Your order will be rounded up to the nearest available currency denomination based on the dollar amount and the banknotes available to fulfil your order. For larger amounts please visit your local Travelex store.

img_20161116_102604Order now from Travelex online to save on your Travel Money and Travel Card purchases.

To pick up your foreign cash & pre-paid cards ordered online, Travelex has stores conveniently located in most major airports, at selected travel agents, down-town locations, and suburban and key tourist areas.

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12 Reviews for “Travelex Online – Customer Feedback”

  1. jb56 says:

    “Have been using Travelex for the past 6 years and have always been more than happy with their service. I prefer to carry my money in the form of their Cash Passport, rather than monetary notes. Ordered most recently on Thursday evening via the Internet and the new Card arrived “loaded” on Saturday morning. The only drawback is, from what I can see, when you load an existing card of which I already have money remaining on from a previous holiday, they charge if loaded via Telephone or Internet. Therefore I just order a new Card/Cash Passport each time, to avoid this charge. More than happy with the service I receive.”

  2. bob9 says:

    bought a travelex cash passport for my trip to europe via this site and very happy with it

  3. sandra says:

    used this company while we traveled to fiji they were the best as far as fees go.i ordered on line &picked up at sydney international very easy.

  4. Sue says:

    Great rates but you can’t access the online balance from a tablet which makes it difficult to keep track of your money.

  5. Mick59 says:

    Found Travelex through this site. Their online system was easy to navigate and I completed my transaction quickly. Received email verification of my transaction in a timely fashion and choose date of pickup to suit my needs. Received an email to pick up my cash much earlier than expected. Collected cash with minimal delay. Overall my experience was excellent and would highly recommend Travelex to anyone

  6. DpNar says:

    Ok… honestly, who writes all this comments? Travelex staff? I found online service better that their consultants. They can be mmmm…. Okay, no all of them but!
    Their customer service is very poor. Do your research people, you can find better companies around, and many of them not as popular can give you the perfect customer service you are looking for when spending your hard work earned money. Don’t just settle for pity service. Good rates can be found very easily. In my personal opinion Flight centre, student travel and scape travel can offer better, if you dont ask you don find out. Good luck!

  7. RhondaS says:

    Used this service when travelling through Europe – very disappointed – whilst using it we could never get a balance and list of transactions. Since arriving home have tried on several occasions to cancel the card and get a refund. This has not occurred despite repeated requests and as each month we’ve had the $2 bank charges out of the balance, there’s hardly no money left. Never again

  8. Dario says:

    Pretty good however the ‘margin and fees’ went up from about 1.9% to 2.6% within a week, which now is close to Westpac for example so not as competitive any more

  9. Pradeep says:

    From my experience of about 14 years, Travelex offers the lowest rate. Only good for emergency cash on arrival of a new location.

    1. BER Admin BER Admin says:

      Hi Pradeep, the Travelex shown here is the Travelex Online rate which is much better than the rates available in their shops or at the airport.

      It’s best not to buy currency at airports in general where we agree you get the worst rates!

  10. Stan says:

    Beware fraudulent rate published for the Travelex currency buy rate as site says if you “change over AUD$2,000 equiv of USD, EUR, JPY or GBP for a 0.25% better rate.”
    Rate actually comes out as 0.13% better – false advertising. Travelex should be fined by the regulators

    1. BER Admin BER Admin says:

      Hi Stan,

      thanks for your comment, Just wondering how you came up with figure of 0.13% ?

      Looking at the current Travelex AUD/GBP rates of 0.5248 below $2K and 0.5261 above $2K

      (0.5261 – 0.5248) / 0.5248 = 0.002477 = 0.25%

      Please let us know if you think there is an error in our calculations.


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