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Westpac – Customer Feedback

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Westpac FX is the flexible, end to end foreign exchange offer for both personal transactions and businesses, providing self-service and full service FX solutions across all major currencies; in branch, online or through a dedicated dealer relationship.

We’ve also been recognised as the #1 Australian bank for FX, according to the Euromoney FX poll (2008-2011), and as a leading bank for AUD and NZD risk management.

The exchange rates provided by Westpac on their website are for foreign exchange transactions up to AUD100,000 and are subject to change without notice.

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4 Reviews for “Westpac – Customer Feedback”

  1. fish5 says:

    Used Westpac to send money to South Africa the rate was ok but ended up paying some correspondant and intermediary fees so the amount that arrived in SA wasn’t what I expected

  2. greg says:

    made 4 transactions, was stung with 8 lots of fees resulting in an incorrect amount arriving at the destination and with the terrible exchange rate the hole thing is costing me more than $600 extra and leaving me with $100 more to send which will cost $145 after all the fees. over all a terrible experience.

  3. Dave Traveller says:

    Consistently the worst exchange rates and fees. I lived overseas in Thailand for 6 months, and had to withdraw from my Westpac account often. Cost me a lot of money, therefore I would always look elsewhere for ways to deal with foreign exchange in the future. Poor form Westpac.

  4. Raj Mavath says:

    I like transfer funds to UAE in Dirhams.
    There is no drop down provsions on the internet for Dirhams

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