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WeSwap – Travel Money & Card Provider – UK & EU

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WeSwap Online Travel Money and Pre-paid Mastercard

Get the best possible Exchange Rates from WeSwap when you Order Travel Money Online from WeSwap available in all major currencies:
Order Travel Cash
– Delivered in 5-7 days (Free Super Saver deal)
– Travel cancellation refund included
– Secure online ordering

Note WeSwap is currently only available to residents of the UK and several European countries.

WeSwap Pre-paid Mastercard

WeSwap also provide a great Pre-paid Travel Card with 16 currencies including Pounds, Euros, Dollars, Yen and more.

Balance leftover after your trip? Swap into another currency for next time, or swap it back and spend at home.

We automatically swap your currency with people going in the opposite direction, so everyone gets the best possible rate.

WeSwap Pre-paid Mastercard – Fees and Limits Schedule

Name Description Amount
Swap Fees
Swap Commission A commission charged by us when a part of a currency swap is executed. The commission is charged in the destination currency (e.g. if you wish to swap GBP1,000 into USD, the fee will be charged in USD). The commission payable depends on how quickly you ask us to complete your swap. We provide the following three options:

  • Immediate swap – 1.4% of the amount swapped
  • 3 day swap – 1.3% of the amount swapped
  • 1 week swap – 1% of the amount swapped

Your swap may complete earlier than requested. In that case, you will still always be charged at the original swap commission rate selected. For example:

  1. If you select a 1 week swap but we are able to complete your swap sooner, we will still only charge you 1%.
  2. If your 3 day swap completes in 1 day, we will still only charge 1.3%
Usage Fees
Cash Machine Withdrawal Charge Fees charged for cash machine withdrawals. For withdrawals of £200 or more (or €250, $300, NKr2000, SKr2000, DKr2000, NZ$400, zł1000, S$400, R3500, A$350, C$350, CHF300, HK$2500, Ft80000, ¥35000), no charge.

For withdrawals below £200 (or €250, $300, NKr2,000, SKr2,000, DKr2,000, NZ$400, zł1000, S$400, R3500, A$350, C$350, CHF300, HK$2500, Ft80000, ¥35000), a charge of £1.50 (€1.75, $2.25, Nkr15.00, SKr15.00, DKr15.00, NZ$3, zł8, S$3, R25, A$3, C$3, CHF2.25, HK$20, Ft600, ¥275) per withdrawal.

In addition, you may be charged by the operator of the cash machine.

Load Fee Fee charged for loading money into your Wallet. No charges for bank transfer or debit card loads
Fees for Additional Services
Replacement card Fee charged to cancel and replace a lost/stolen or damaged Card. £5
Additional card A one-off fee charged on issue of an additional card. £15
Incidental Fees
Chargeback Fee Fee for a chargeback. £10
Administration Fee This fee is chargeable under certain rare circumstances (if you request an additional service from us which we normally do not provide), but we will always notify you in advance if and when the fee applies. To be agreed with you.
Inactivity Fee Chargeable if there is no activity on your Account for a consecutive period of 12 months. £2 per month during which your Account is inactive.
Stamp Duty (Republic of Ireland only) Stamp duty charged by the Irish government in respect of payment cards issued to residents of the Republic of Ireland. €5 per year, will be deducted from the balance on the account, or from the first load of the year
Loading limits Minimum load amount £50 (or €60, NKr500, SKr500, DKr500)
  Maximum single load £3,000 (or equivalent) per load
  Maximum number of loads 5 loads per day
  Maximum load per year £12,000 (or equivalent)
Balance limit Maximum consolidated balance £6,000 (across all currencies)
Spending limits Maximum spend The balance on your account
  Maximum number of transactions 10 per day
ATM limit Maximum ATM withdrawals 2 per day
  Maximum amount per day £500 (or equivalent) per day
Swapping limits Minimum amount for a swap £5 (or €6 or $7.50 or DKr 50 or SKr 50 or NKr 50 or NZ$10, zł25, S$10, R100, A$10, C$10, CHF10, HK$100, Ft2000, ¥1000)
  Maximum amount for a swap Balance in the currency you wish to swap from

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