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Comparing FX Providers
Average Cost : 1.0%
Book & track your foreign transfers online (24/7) with industry best rates for all your deals - not just the first one! Lock in exchange rates with Spot & Forward Deals. BestExchangeRates gets you your first two transfers fee free.
Average Cost : 1.1%
Best exchange rates for safe, secure, fastest available international payments and currency exchange. Award winning service and online tools for individuals and business. BestExchangeRates users get their first two transfers fee free.
Average Cost : 1.5%
TransferWise always aims to converts money at the real mid-market exchange rate. There’s just a small, fair service fee and it’s all shown up-front. Rate shown here with the minimum 0.5% rate volatility limit. Exchange guaranteed within 2 business days - Pay via Bank Transfer or VISA/Mastercard debit cards.
Average Cost : 1.59%
Send Money Online Anytime, Anywhere. 24/7 online service – no agents to visit. Bank Transfers - Cash Pickup - Mobile Money - Airtime top-up.
* Register from the below button for a Zero Fee first transfer.
More info Pay via Bank Transfer or VISA/Mastercard
 Bank/Bureau - Average Rate
Average Cost : 4.78%
Average USDEUR International Transfer Exchange Rates from a sample of Banks available in branch and via internet banking systems.

BER Research & Guides

How can I always get the best possible foreign currency exchange rate?

Most importantly don't rely on your bank! Currency rates are always moving against each other so you need to constantly check the latest exchange rates and compare the best offers available from FX providers. When you use BestExchangeRates you can see clearly which currency vendor is offering the best deal for your International Money Transfers & Travel Money/Cards and who is taking the smallest margin and fees to give you... Read More >

Order Travel Money Online for the Best Exchange Rates

If you end up buying your travel money on departure day without pre-ordering online you are wasting money. Make it part of your pre-departure preparations to Order your Travel Money Online and you will extend your travel budget by ... Read More >

What makes sending money internationally so expensive?

There are a number of cost components to making and receiving international payments, most of which are far from transparent to customers: Currency fees Currency conversion rates : Banks charge huge margins for currency conversion to the majority of businesses and individuals. They tend to fix rates once a day and therefore need to incorporate... Read More >

Managing Business FX Transactions and Risk

Brokers are able to offer international money transfer services which many banks don’t provide, like forward contracts and order types. The way you chose to manage your transfer may depend on how much you’re moving and where you’re sending the money to, but a currency broker will be able to assess your situation and ensure you come up with the best solution. Read More >

Australian Dollar - Market Updates 

Australian Dollar – Mon Jan 23: AUD .

The Australian Dollar starts the week even against the United States Dollar, even against the British Pound Sterling, even against the Euro, even against the New Zealand Dollar, even against the Chinese Yuan, even against the Japanese Yen and even against the Singapore Dollar. AUD 1 Week Charts Read on for the latest 1-week and... View article >
Posted on 23 January 2017 | 12:05 am GMT
Author: BER Research

Pound Sentiment Improves as Barclays Chief Remains Committed to London

Sterling The Pound (GBP) put in a strong performance against its peers yesterday as the chief of a leading London bank said that he was confident that his bank could continue operating from the UK after ‘Brexit’. Barclays chief executive Jes Staley said that he believed that London would remain the ‘financial lungs of Europe’... View article >
Posted on 20 January 2017 | 9:42 am GMT
Author: TorFX

Australian Dollar – Fri Jan 20: AUD Up vs USD, GBP, EUR, NZD, CNY, JPY & SGD.

The Australian Dollar is today up 0.77% against the United States Dollar, up 0.07% against the British Pound Sterling, up 0.47% against the Euro, up 1.46% against the New Zealand Dollar, up 0.96% against the Chinese Yuan, up 1.48% against the Japanese Yen and up 0.77% against the Singapore Dollar. The Australian dollar is at... View article >
Posted on 20 January 2017 | 12:05 am GMT
Author: BER Research
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