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    FX Markets Volatile on Post-Covid USD Forecasts

    The strong US stock markets and higher yields from treasury bonds may be the catalyst for strong swings for currencies versus the USD.

    Save Money with Regular Overseas payments

    Setting up regular international payments is easy and can save you time and money

    Instarem Money Transfers Reviewed

    Instarem provides fast, safe and cost effective cross border money transfer services for Individuals and businesses from Australia, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia and Singapore to more than 25 countries.

    WorldRemit – BER Review

    With WorldRemit, send money online 24/7 to 140 destinations at highly competitive exchange rates. Send to bank accounts and mobile money wallets, top up a loved one's mobile phone or send for cash pick-up.

    The US Dollar – The World’s Currency

    The United States dollar, commonly referred to as the U.S. dollar, is the official currency of the United States of America but also is the world’s reserve currency, and it accounts for roughly 62% of global foreign exchange reserves, double that of the Euro and Yen. In fact, the US Dollar has been the world’s reserve currency for over 100 years.

    XE Money Transfers Reviewed

    XE works on razor thin margins for money transfers to more than 100 countries and nearly always guarantees a fantastic deal. Transfers can be booked online and over the phone and most are processed within a single working day.

    Wise Borderless Account – BER Review

    TransferWise’s Borderless Account allows users to hold and convert funds in 40 different currencies and send and spend internationally, all at the “real” exchange rate and with exceptionally low service fees. Users can also receive major-currency payments free of charge.

    WorldFirst Foreign Transfers – BER Review

    WorldFirst is a market leader in the international payments space and is consistently ranked among the most reliable and cheapest money transfer handlers for four-figure sums.

    OFX Global Currency Account – BER Review

    OFX Global Currency Account – Independent BER Review OFX Global Currency Account: A Summary OFX has a 30-year history and is one of the largest foreign exchange specialists in the world. It offers a “Global Currency Account” that allows online sellers to hold, send and receive funds in GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, CAD and HKD. […]

    Coronavirus panic drives US dollar strength

    Currency rates were extremely volatile last week as the coronavirus situation worsened day by day with various countries implementing ever-tougher measures to stop the spread of the disease.

    Coronavirus spread fears linger – USD strong – AUD at 11 year lows

    This week the US Dollar was touching three-year highs when valued against a basket of major currencies. The greenback's traditional role as one of the safe-haven currencies is helped by a domestic economy that is largely immune to the threats of the coronavirus.

    Best Multi-Currency Accounts

    We compare the features, exchange rates and security of the three best multi-currency accounts available today — the WorldFirst World Account, the TransferWise Borderless Account and the OFX Global Currency Account.

    WorldFirst add Hong Kong Dollar and Chinese Yuan to World Accounts

    World Accounts now let your business collect funds and pay local suppliers in HKD or make payments to offshore CNY (CNH) accounts in China.

    WorldFirst World Account – BER Review

    WorldFirst World Account – Independent BER Review World Account: A Summary WorldFirst, a market leader in the international payments space, offers a multi-currency “World Account” that allows businesses to hold, send and receive funds in 10 major currencies: GBP, EUR, AUD, CAD, JPY, SGD, NZD, CNH and HKD. With a World Account, businesses can invoice […]

    Foreign Xchange Travel Money – BER Review

    Foreign Xchange offer the best travel money exchange rates when you order online for home delivery (5-days). Order multiple different currencies with one simple checkout process. Check rates and place your order from the comfort of your own home. Currencies are delivered to your doorstep to save you time.

    Sydney CBD – Best Currency Exchange Rates

    In this Sydney CBD guide, we show you how to save money when looking for Currency Exchange and Forex services downtown in the emerald city.

    Travel Money Oz – BER Review

    Travel Money Oz has 130+ stores across Australia that stay open late and on weekends, 24x7 online orders and friendly phone service available. Offering 60+ currencies to buy and sell, travel money cards, international transfers and travel insurance.

    Melbourne CBD – Best Currency Exchange Rates

    In this article we show you how to save money if you find yourself looking for Foreign Cash in the Melbourne CBD.

    What is a Closed Currency?

    A closed currency is a one that is not available for purchase in countries other than its country of origin. We take a look at what that means for a traveller visiting a country with a closed currency.

    OFX & BestExchangeRates – Zero fee offer

    OFX has partnered with BestExchangeRates to offer you fee free money transfers. If you register with OFX using the below BestExchangeRates FX partner deal promo code link you won’t pay the usual fees* for transfers. OFX – zero fee offer OFX is the new unified brand name for OzForex, USForex, UKForex, NZForex, and CanadianForex It […]

    Gold Coast – Best Currency Exchange Rates

    In this article we show you how to save money if you find yourself looking for Foreign Cash on the Gold Coast.

    Best Currency Exchange Rates in Adelaide CBD

    In this article we show you how to save money if you find yourself looking for Foreign Cash in Adelaide.

    Best Ways to Save on Currency Exchange

    We show you how to Pre-order foreign cash online for better currency exchange rates and save money for your next trip.

    Best Currency Exchange Rates – London

    In this article we show you how to save money if you find yourself looking for Foreign Cash in London.

    Transferwise changes Eurozone fee structure

    In late June 2018, Transferwise introduced a new fee structure for Eurozone foreign transfers (from EUR) ... and as always with Transferwise its complicated so we will break it down for you!

    CurrencyFair Review

    BER reviews why CurrencyFair is different to most of the other FX brokers out there.

    Best Currency Exchange Rates- Birmingham

    In this article we show you how to save money if you find yourself looking for Foreign Cash in Birmingham.

    Best Currency Exchange Rates – Glasgow

    In this article we show you how to save money if you find yourself looking for Foreign Cash in Glasgow.

    Best Travel Money Exchange Rates – Manchester

    In this article we show you how to save money if you find yourself looking for Foreign Cash in Manchester.

    WeSwap – Travel Money & Card Provider – UK & EU

    WeSwap provides a great Pre-paid Travel Card with 16 currencies including Pounds, Euros, Dollars, Yen.

    BER-News: Bitcoin below $US10K mark (again)

    Among the world’s ten most actively traded currencies, it was the Chinese yuan that was leading the pack approaching the end of the Asian business week.   Last week: majors all down   Aussie dollar (AUD) was down last week, retreating from US0.80 cents, on Australia’s disappointing rise in private sector wages, their massive contraction […]

    BER-News: Global equity losses – flight to USD safety

    Hi there, during a week which saw global equity markets suffer their largest losses in two years and broader market volatility pick up, foreign exchange markets were surprisingly calm.   A flight to safety benefitted the US dollar, which finished higher against a basket of currencies for the second consecutive week; and the Japanese yen, […]

    Best Currency Exchange Rates in Brisbane CBD

    In this article we show you how to save money if you find yourself looking for Foreign Cash in the Brisbane CBD.

    Perth CBD – Best Currency Exchange Rates

    In this article we show you how to save money if you find yourself looking for Foreign Cash in the Perth CBD.

    Top Five Tips for Buying Property Overseas

    We take a look at five tips that can help you avoid common mistakes and save money on overseas property purchases.

    Foreign Currency Accounts – Best Expat Bank Accounts

    In this guide we take a look at Foreign Currency Accounts, both the good and bad aspects and what to watch out for.

    Business Case Studies for Managing FX Risk

    We take a look at situations where hedging your FX exposure can maximise your cash-flow. Imagine two scenarios. In the first, you’re a British business supplying mining equipment to a customer in Australia and in 90-days’ time you’ll be receiving payment for goods of 250,000 Aussie dollars. And lets imagine for the sake of simplifying […]

    Travel Money – Which is Best? Cash or Cards

    There are several travel money options you can use to save money and make your trip hassle-free.

    Understanding Foreign Transfer Exchange Rates & Fees

    There are three cost components to foreign transfers: Exchange Rate Margins Provider Fees Bank Fees Lets go through each of them to see where all your hard earned money is going… Exchange Rate Margins The inter-bank exchange rate is the mid-rate you see on the news each night and is only for reference, these rates […]

    A Guide to Buying Overseas Property

    Tips on Buying your dream property abroad.

    Transferwise changes UK fee structure

    In October 2017, Transferwise introduced a new fee structure for foreign transfers from the UK ... its complicated so we will break it down for you!

    Comparing Australian Bank Exchange Rates

    We take a look at why not using your bank for foreign exchange is generally a good idea to save money. As an example, we compare the 4 big Aussie banks rates for transfers and travel cash to two popular foreign exchange specialists, OFX for transfers and Travelex for travel money.

    What Is a Limit Order?

    In this guide we take a look at FX Limit Orders and how they help manage currency volatility Currency valuations change every second. Add up a whole lot of seconds and you’ll get a whole lot of changes to the exchange rate you see now. Add up a whole lot of days or weeks and […]

    Managing Business Payments for Overseas Suppliers

    Businesses need to send money overseas for all manner of reasons, from paying overseas vendors and suppliers to managing their company's foreign exchange risk. Whatever your business Forex requirements it’s important to know that you are getting a good deal and the right advice.

    Paying for Overseas Luxury Purchases

    Manage exchange rates when paying for overseas luxury purchases If you are looking to make a foreign transfer for an international outright purchase to get the keys to a luxurious car or yacht overseas, or pay for that wonderful piece of art or jewelry that caught your eye on a recent trip. Before using your […]

    What Is a Forward Contract?

    In this guide we take a look at FX Forward Contracts and when they are a good idea to manage your currency market risk. An FX forward contract is a tool for hedging against adverse movements in foreign exchange rates. Simply, it is an agreement made today to change money at a fixed, known exchange […]

    The Complete Guide to Expats International Money Transfers

    Comparing exchange rates can be an important for expats when repatriating overseas funds & earnings.

    Foreign Exchange Provider Information

    The Best Exchange Rates platform is unique in providing a marketing platform for FX providers and services to publish currency rates into the retail marketplace. It is an effective method for Banks and currency exchange vendors to promote their currency exchange rates and services. We do this by providing the following services to Foreign Exchange […]

    Australia Week in China Trade Delegation

    BestExchangeRates was selected as a delegate for the Australia Week in China (AWIC) trade delegation to China with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in April 2016. AWIC 2016 was the largest business mission ever organised by Austrade consisting of almost 1000 delegates from around 750 companies. AWIC 2016 focussed on forging business linkages, building the bilateral […]

    Our shorter web address ber.me

    Too long to type bestexchangerates.com on your phone or tablet? Easily distracte…? Try our shorter web address http://ber.me For example a shortcut to the calculator for $15,000 AUD to USD would be ber.me/AUD/USD/15000

    Money Exchange TV – This Week’s Big Currency Movers

    Four dangerous currency exchange myths

    Being apathetic about currency exchanges rates can be very damaging for your business. Let’s look at some of the dangerous myths that people cling to, to justify keeping their head in the sand. 1. What goes up must come down Or the reverse: that a sinking currency must recover eventually. History tells us that movements […]

    BestExchangeRates Rate Comparison Disclaimer

    * Rate is as per provider’s website or API at the date indicated. * There is a risk that the foreign exchange prices quoted on Best Exchange Rates may be inaccurate, not available to the user, or available but with additional fees and charges. * Some providers change rates during the day and our information […]

    The downside to a lower Australian dollar

    The RBA has made a lot of noise about the economic benefits of a lower Australian dollar recently and most businesses involved in the local tourism sector, and exporters in general, agree a lower currency would help them remain competitive. Some manufacturers might beg to differ however. In theory a lower Aussie dollar can help […]

    Experiment: $100K sent with OFX saves $3K vs $100K sent via a Bank

    We came across an article in The Australian Financial Review today on an interesting experiment of splitting a $200K AUD->USD transfer into two, with half sent via OzForex and the other half by one of the ‘big four’ Australian banks on the same day to compare what arrives at the other end. The results are […]

    Explaining Peer-to-Peer Money Transfers

    Peer-to-Peer is a recent innovation for international money transfers. The playing field is being levelled with retail customers benefiting from great rates that were previously only available to big companies. At the forefront of this innovation are ‘peer to peer’ money transfers. Online peer to peer (P2P) first began in the early nineties, with file-sharing […]

    Taking advantage of strong exchange rates for the Australian dollar

    The Australian dollar has hit new record highs in recent months rising to a 28 year high against the pound sterling (GBP) and also against the Japanese yen (JPY). Despite speculation that the recent RBA interest rate drops would substantially impact its valuation, the strong Aussie dollar looks like it’s here to stay awhile. Australians […]

    When is the Foreign Exchange Market Open around the world?

    Forex Market Hours: As one major forex market closes, another one opens. Using the GMT timezone, for instance, forex trading hours move around the world like this: available in New York between 01:00 pm – 10:00 pm GMT; at 10:00 pm GMT Sydney comes online; Tokyo opens at 00:00 am and closes at 9:00 am […]

    Top 4 travel destinations where the Australian dollar works hardest

    By Carly Pickering, OFX The high Australian dollar means there’s rarely been a better time to travel. Not only are airfares, accommodation and transport more affordable, but your increased shopping power will net you all types of bargains. But while it’s true that the Australian dollar is up for most destinations, there are a few […]

    Western Union

    In this article we take a look at Western Union exchange rates & international money transfer services compare to other options available to you.

    Retail FX spread trading – why its a racket

    Interesting article from FT.com on why Retail FX spread trading is a racket…its all in the volatility and ability to bear it. FT.com (Jul 13 2012) Long established as the global hub for wholesale currency trading, Britain is now also the centre of the retail FX margin trading business. And there’s a reason for this: […]

    FX Vendor

    No entry yet for this vendor

    American Express

    In this article we take a look at American Express exchange rates & international money transfer services compare to other options available to you.

    Prepaid Travel Cards vs Cash or Credit cards

    When planning an overseas trip figuring out how to access your money while away is complicated and often left to the last minute. You then end up paying high fees for changing foreign cash or with unexpected fees on your credit card for making purchases or withdrawals overseas. With a bit or planning one way […]

    High or Low AUD, who Benefits?

    How does the gyrations of the Aussie Dollar affect Shoppers, Travellers, Importers, Exporters, Manufacturers, Tourism operators, Educators? Strong Australian dollar (above 0.90 USD): Winners Shoppers: Imports like electronics and cars should be cheaper in coming months if retailers pass on savings from new stock. Buying online from places like the US and UK will also […]

    Terms of Service

    1. ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS Thank you for using BestExchangeRates’s services (collectively called BestExchangeRates.com). BestExchangeRates provides its service to you subject to the following Terms of Service (“TOS”), which may be updated by us from time to time without notice to you. You can review the most current version of the TOS at any time at […]

    thank you for your wonderful website

    I would like to thank you very much for your wonderful website. I travel overseas regularly and I find it very unfair the exchange rates that are offered. They vary so much and it is almost impossible to get an accurate answer. After working overseas for 3 months I come home with my earning in […]

    Candlestick Charts: How to Interpret?

    The technical charts on this site use candlestick bars to represent the change in price during each time interval. Candlestick bars allow you to quickly view a summary of what happened during the time period, the shape and color of the bar represents the open, close, high, low and direction of the exchange rate for […]

    Why is it that when I go to a foreign currency exchange rate counter I never get the rate that I see on the news?

    You may well think that you are being ripped off, but it is not always the case. In simple terms what you see on the news or in the paper or on yahoo finance is the Middle Rate or mid-rate. Some people want to buy a currency and some people want to sell a currency. […]

    Malaysia Ringgit – case of false advertising?

    I was off to the local bank to exchange Aus dollars to Malaysia Ringgit at an exchange rate of 2.63. your site had the Travelex rate published as the best rate at over 2.7 (2.72 I think?). So, I travelled further to get to the nearest Travelex and queued for 30 mins ….. to get […]


    In January 2019, Currency Online joined forces with XE. By bringing the two companies together, XE combined their 25 years of authority in currency exchange and Currency Online’s comprehensive range of money transfer services.

    Privacy Policy

    At Best Exchange Rates (BER), the privacy of our visitors is of extreme importance to us. This privacy policy document outlines the types of personal information is received and collected by BER and how it is used. Your Choices If you are in the European Union, you may have the legal right to erasure of […]

    Exchange Rates Today!

    Well we are seeing more and more interest in what our site has to offer. There is now a large group of loyal followers that are getting access to the Best Exchange Rates today. Here is some of the great feedback that we have receieved from the users of the site Hi, I have taken […]

    Where to find the best foreign currency exchange rates…

    I have seen it happen. People wasting their lunch hours running up and down the street comparing the rate boards outside the banks – just to see who has the best Foreign Currency Exchange Rates. Well now everyone need look no further than bestExchangeRates.com.au ! We have designed this site so that you need no […]

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