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    Flag of Ecuador

    Currency in Ecuador – US dollar USD

    A practical foreign exchange and currency guide to Ecuador


    What currency is used in Ecuador?

    The official currency of Ecuador is the US dollar, with symbol $ and currency code USD.


    Things to know about the US dollar




    US dollar – Markets & Rates

    1 USD = 1.0201 EUR
    Sell USD  →  Buy EUR
    USD to EUR at 1.0202 is 2.7% above its 90-day average 0.9934 with range 0.9589-1.0421.
      1 EUR = 0.9803 USD

    The strength of the US dollar looks likely to continue when, at the annual Jackson Hole central banker’s getaway, Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said that the US central bank will ‘keep at it’ and is likely to keep raising interest rates to battle surging inflation.

    A clear reflection of this is that the US Dollar index (measure of the USD strength against basket of currencies) is approaching 20 year highs.

     USD Outlook

    16 Sep 2022
    2.2% 2 Week
    02 Jul 2022
    6.4% 3 Month
    30 Sep 2021
    18.1% 1 Year
    01 Oct 2017
    20.5% 5 Year
    02 Oct 2012
    31.9% 10 Year
    05 Oct 2002
    0.3% 20 Year
    USD/EUR historic rates & change to 30-Sep-2022



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    The US dollar is also the domestic currency in 7 other countries.



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