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    Chinese Renmimbi CNY Forecasts 2021

    The Chinese government has announced that it will gradually increase the flexibility of the CNY exchange rate.

    Updated: Oct 09, 2021  

    1 USD = 6.4009 CNY
    Sell USD  →  Buy CNY
    USD to CNY at 6.4047 is 0.8% below its 90-day average, range 6.3826-6.5015.

    CNY outlook

    In October 2021 the yuan is back up to around 6.4 per US dollar, but with market sentiment worsening due to the massive Chinese Evergrande debt problems.

    China’s Central Bank has pumped more liquidity into the domestic markets amidst the uncertainty over the property developer’s debt saga.

    USD/CNY wasChangePeriod
    13 Oct 2021
    0.6% 2 Weeks
    29 Jul 2021
    1% 90 Days
    27 Oct 2020
    4.7% 1 Year
    28 Oct 2016
    5.7% 5 Years
    30 Oct 2011
    0.5% 10 Years
    01 Nov 2001
    22.8% 20 Years
    USD/CNY change over periods to 27-Oct-2021


    Chinese Renmimbi – Forecasts

    Tightly controlled by the PBOC the Chinese yuan has appreciated 8 percent since its lowest value last year, hitting a low of 7.1 in mid 2020 breaking the symbolic and closely watched USD/CNY = 7.0 exchange rate.

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