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    Hong Kong dollar HKD forecasts 2021

    HKD forecasts are influenced by three factors; the coronavirus impact, changes in the delta between interest rates in the US and the rest of the world (as HKD is pegged to USD) and also the trade war between China and the US.

    Updated: Oct 09, 2021  

    1 USD = 7.7789 HKD
    Sell USD  →  Buy HKD
    USD to HKD at 7.7787 is near its 90-day average, range 7.7694-7.7924.
      1 HKD = 0.1286 USD

    Hong Kong dollar outlook

    HKD experienced an overall downward turn against the USD in September but traded strongly against other majors due to a market risk-off sentiment which pushed the USD upwards.

    Key events to watch for HKD in October will be US employment data, the unfolding of the Evergrande Group Debt crisis, and the recovery of the crypto sector.

    USD/HKD wasChangePeriod
    04 Oct 2021
    0.1% 2 Weeks
    20 Jul 2021
    0.1% 90 Days
    18 Oct 2020
    0.4% 1 Year
    19 Oct 2016
    0.3% 5 Years
    21 Oct 2011
    0% 10 Years
    23 Oct 2001
    0.3% 20 Years
    USD/HKD change over periods to 18-Oct-2021


    Hong Kong Dollar Forecasts & News

    The Hong Kong dollar has been pegged to the US dollar since 1983. Since 2005 the HKMA has kept the currency trading at a range between HK$ 7.75 and HK$7.85.

    When HKD moves too close to either limit, the HKMA acts by either buying or selling the currency. So in 2020, the HKMA intervened in the market by selling more than HK$50 billion because of high demand for the Hong Kong dollars from demand due to several large IPOs on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, including JD.com and Tencent.

    Since April 2020, authorities have intervened multiple times to prevent the currency from strengthening past its permitted trading maximum with the U.S. dollar USD/HKD = 7.75, more interventions are to be expected if the Hong Kong dollar continues to hit the strong end of its trading band.

    AUD to HKD

    AUD/HKD has risen back to the 5.7 level since late September mainly due to AUD strength as Australia profits from energy prices hikes.

    The Aussie dollar in 2021 has had a long slide down against the HK dollar and remains below its 90-day average and well down from the highs above 6 earlier in the year.

    AUD-HKD Outlook

    1 AUD = 5.8007 HKD
    Sell AUD  →  Buy HKD
    AUD to HKD at 5.7993 has risen 1.7% above its 90-day average, range 5.5541-5.7993.
      1 HKD = 0.1724 AUD

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