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    Swiss Franc CHF Forecasts 2021

    Forecasts for the Swiss franc change all the time, affected by relative sentiment towards the Swiss economy and the traditional Risk-off flight to safety effect towards the Swiss Franc.

    Updated: Oct 10, 2021  

    1 CHF = 1.0854 USD
    Sell CHF  →  Buy USD
    CHF to USD at 1.0855 is near its 90-day average, range 1.0699-1.1060.
      1 USD = 0.9213 CHF

    Swiss Franc Outlook

    In October the CHF/USD pair remains well below 1.09 (it’s 90-Day average) but bounced back from a low of 1.07.

    There was then some reprieve in the risk-off market sentiment helping the Swissie back to the 1.08 level vs the greenback.

    CHF/USD wasChangePeriod
    04 Oct 2021
    0.1% 2 Weeks
    20 Jul 2021
    0.3% 90 Days
    18 Oct 2020
    0.9% 1 Year
    19 Oct 2016
    7.1% 5 Years
    21 Oct 2011
    4% 10 Years
    23 Oct 2001
    80.1% 20 Years
    CHF/USD change over periods to 18-Oct-2021

    Swiss Franc – Forecasts

    The recent weakness in the Swiss franc is due to rumbles of interest rate rises in the US.

    Analysts predict a EUR/CHF recovery toward 1.10 with expectations of greater declines relative to New Zealand, Australian and Canadian Dollars and to a lesser extent Pound Sterling.

    Switzerland has the lowest official cash rate in the world and the lowest bond yields, which makes the Franc sensitive to increases in interest rates in other countries.

    You can also read our full Foreign Exchange Guide to Switzerland.


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