Aaland Islands - Euro - Currency Guide

This is a currency guide to the Aaland Islands, the Euro currency plus sending (EUR) transfers and travel tips for the Aaland Islands.

CountryAaland Islands
FlagAaland Islands
Country CodeAX
Domestic Currency Euro
Currency Symbol
Currency CodeEUR
Exchange RateEUR/USD = 1.0867
Telephone Prefix+35818

Quick Conversions from Euro to US Dollar



€ 1
U$ 1.0867
€ 5
U$ 5.4335
€ 10
U$ 10.87
€ 20
U$ 21.73
€ 50
U$ 54.34
€ 100
U$ 108.67
€ 250
U$ 271.68
€ 500
U$ 543.35
€ 1,000
U$ 1,087
€ 2,000
U$ 2,173
€ 5,000
U$ 5,434
€ 10,000
U$ 10,867
€ 50,000
U$ 54,335
€ 100,000
U$ 108,670
More amounts



€ 0.9202
U$ 1
€ 4.6010
U$ 5
€ 9.2020
U$ 10
€ 18.40
U$ 20
€ 46.01
U$ 50
€ 92.02
U$ 100
€ 230.05
U$ 250
€ 460.10
U$ 500
€ 920.20
U$ 1,000
€ 1,840
U$ 2,000
€ 4,601
U$ 5,000
€ 9,202
U$ 10,000
€ 46,010
U$ 50,000
€ 92,020
U$ 100,000
More amounts

To calculate specific EUR/USD amounts use our Convert EUR to USD quick calculator. To read more about the latest exchange rate trends and to compare FX provider rates view EUR to USD Rate Guide.

Aaland Islands Currency Info

The euro (ISO: EUR) is involved in slightly more than 30% of all foreign exchange deals, and as such, is the world’s second most traded currency, behind the US dollar.

The euro is the currency of the eurozone (officially called the ‘euro area’), which consists of 19 of the 28 member states of the European Union, and is used by almost 350 million Europeans. It was introduced in January 1999.

Of all the thousands of exchange rates that exist in the world, the euro-to-US dollar exchange rate is the most actively traded, or most ‘liquid’.

Since its introduction, the euro’s lowest value against the dollar came in October 2000 when EUR/USD hit lows of 0.8231. The currency was strongest in July 2008, shortly before the worst stage of the 2007-2009 financial crisis, when EUR/USD reached 1.6038.

There are currently more than twenty nations and territories which peg their currencies to the euro, the largest of which is Denmark.

Frequently Asked Questions

What currency should I use in the Aaland Islands?

The domestic currency in the Aaland Islands is the Euro.

What is the Euro currency code and symbol?

The three letter currency code for the Euro is EUR — symbol is .

Which countries use the Euro?

It is the domestic currency in Eurozone, Aaland Islands, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, French Guinea, French Southern Territories, Germany, Greece, Guadeloupe, Vatican City, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Martinique, Mayotte, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Portugal, Reunion, Saint Barthélemy, Saint Martin, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.

Is the Euro a closed currency?

No, the Euro is freely available and convertible. See guide: What is a closed currency?

Euro (EUR) in the markets

The Euro spent 2019 on a downwards trajectory, starting the year with highs at US1.1550 but then slid all year until October where it bottomed out at US$1.09 on Oct 1, close to long-term lows. Since then it has climbed back up towards the average rate for the year of US1.12, perhaps due to the less uncertainty around Brexit.

Euro sentiment dipped in mid-June after the ECB, like other major central banks of the world, ramped up its dovish rhetoric. It said that there was “considerable room” for further quantitative easing and that it would consider negative interest rates. Ordinarily, this would spark an extended euro decline but since other major currencies are also wrestling with easier central bank policies, euro depreciation may be contained.

In spite of Brexit, a slowdown in economic growth, Italian risks and persistently weak inflation — an important measure of inflation expectations fell in June to a record low — the euro did fantastically well against the Australian dollar, New Zealand dollar.

For more details read the full article Euro Forecasts.

The interactive chart below shows the EUR to USD exchange rate and trend for the previous 3 months:

EUR/USD at 1.0879 was trading 1.5% below the 90-day average 1.1043 with a range 1.079 to 1.122. There are no current rate alerts.
25-FEB 5PM-NY 10PM-LON | 26-Feb 9AM-SYD

Travel, Currency and Money saving tips for the Aaland Islands

Åland Archipelago is the sunniest spot in northern Europe and its sweeping white-sand beaches and flat, scenic cycling routes attract crowds of holidaymakers during summer. Yet outside the lively capital, Mariehamn, a sleepy haze hangs over the islands’ tiny villages: finding your own remote beach among the 6500 skerries (rocky islets) is surprisingly easy. A lattice of bridges and free cable ferries connects the central islands, while larger car ferries run to the archipelago’s outer reaches.

Aaland or Aland is the smallest of the three Nordic autonomous territories situated midway between Sweden and Finland. It is a bit of an anomaly as its officially part of the Republic of Finland, though it has a devolved government; people here speak Swedish; it flies its own flag; issues its own stamps; and uses its own web suffix: '.ax'. It also has a special relationship with the EU whereby it can sell duty free and construct its own gambling laws. The currency is the Euro though during peak tourism season swedish krona is usually accepted in stops and restaurants. Don't be too optimistic about the exchange rate for swedish krona as its typically not very good.

What currency to use in the Aaland Islands?

Just like in Finland, you can use your euros to pay in Åland. Prices can be compared to The Netherlands (where I live), though sometimes it’s a tiny bit more expensive. It’s a lot cheaper than Norway though.

How to get aroind the Aaland Islands?

Ro-No Rent has bicycles available near Mariehamn harbour. Many campgrounds and guest harbours also have bike hire. Green-and-white signs trace cycling routes through the islands. Routes generally follow smaller, less busy roads; dedicated bicycle paths run parallel to some main roads.

Three kinds of inter-island ferry serve the islands. For short trips, free vehicle ferries sail nonstop. There's also one private summer bicycle ferry running between Hammarland and Geta. For longer routes – namely to the outer islands – ferries run to a schedule, which is available on the Ålandstrafiken website. These ferries are generally free for foot passengers, but you must buy tickets for bicycles or cars.

Most visitors travel with the major ferry companies directly to Åland's mainland, but it's possible to use the scheduled inter-island ferries between Åland and mainland Finland via the northern and southern archipelagos. The northern route from Osnäs harbour, near Kustavi, 68km northwest of Turku, is via Brändö and Kumlinge. The southern route from Galtby harbour, Korpo, in the Turku Archipelago, is via the islands of Kökar and Föglö.

Travel tips for the Aaland Islands.

The official language of Åland is Swedish, both on the streets and in the official communication with the Finnish government. It’s an autonomous region with its own parliament, flag and anthem, but it’s still part of Finland. Because of it’s southern location, Åland has the warmest climate of all of Finland (it’s about two degrees warmer than Helsinki). During winter it’s cold, during summer it’s warm.

Because there’s so little traffic on the island, it’s a perfect place to go cycling. And you’ll see some stunning views with those lakes right next to the road. If you’re into more active cycling, then there’s a few good mountain bike trails you can go on.


Travel money for the Aaland Islands

Save money and time by Ordering your Euro online from Travelex, you get better rates and can pick up the EUR cash locally or even on travel day at the airport.

Another popular option is to use a Pre-paid Travel Card. Your Debit/Credit Card provider will charge you 2% from market mid-rate, but your bank may also charge an extra 3% as an “Overseas Transaction Charge” plus “Overseas ATM” fees for withdrawing cash.

For card purchases if offered a choice of currencies always select to Pay in Euro otherwise you may get much worst exchange rates.


the Aaland Islands Trip Checklist    

  1. Compare EUR travel cash rates - probably why you are here!
  2. Lonely Planet - world's best travel guide (coupon and deals)

Sending money to the Aaland Islands

When searching around for information on how to get a good exchange rate when sending money to the Aaland Islands you need to start with finding out the latest Euro foreign-transfer exchange rate.

Then compare your bank's exchange rates to several licensed FX providers exchange rate and fees to see how much you can save (we make that calculation easy here).

Get a better deal for foreign transfers to the Aaland Islands

When sending money to the Aaland Islands it’s important to compare your bank’s rates & fees with those we have negotiated with our partner money transfer providers. To get a better deal you should follow these 4 simple steps :

  1. Open an account with a BER reviewed FX provider (id docs may be required)
  2. You specify the local or Euro amount you want to transfer
  3. Make a local currency domestic transfer for the requested amount to the provider's bank account in your country
  4. Once your funds are received by the provider the converted EUR amount will be transfered to the recipient account you specify in the Aaland Islands.

Use our Send to Euro calculator to compare the exchange rates of FX specialist providers rates versus your bank's standard rates you can hopefully save around 5% and maybe more - end result is more Euro deposited into the recipient bank account and less margins and fees kept by the banks!


Bank Transfers to the Aaland Islands

Compare Transfer Rates

Euro to US Dollar - Historical Rates

1 Day+0.3%1.084924 Feb 2020
7 Day+0.8%1.079718 Feb 2020
30 Day-1.3%1.102526 Jan 2020
3 Month-1.1%1.100527 Nov 2019
1 Year-4.3%1.136525 Feb 2019
5 Year-2.8%1.119626 Feb 2015
10 Year-20%1.359427 Feb 2010

*For period to 25-Feb 21UTC when EUR/USD was 1.0879

Euro to Pound Sterling - 10 Year History

1 Day-0.3%0.839424 Feb 2020
7 Day+0.8%0.830518 Feb 2020
30 Day-0.9%0.844126 Jan 2020
3 Month-1.7%0.851227 Nov 2019
1 Year-3.3%0.865825 Feb 2019
5 Year+15.2%0.726626 Feb 2015
10 Year-6.3%0.893227 Feb 2010

*For period to 25-Feb 21UTC when EUR/GBP was 0.8368

Euro to Australian Dollar - Historical Rates

1 Day+0.4%1.641124 Feb 2020
7 Day+2.2%1.612918 Feb 2020
30 Day+1.7%1.620926 Jan 2020
3 Month+1.3%1.626027 Nov 2019
1 Year+4%1.584525 Feb 2019
5 Year+14.8%1.435526 Feb 2015
10 Year+8.4%1.520227 Feb 2010

*For period to 25-Feb 21UTC when EUR/AUD was 1.6478

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