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Foreign Exchange Guide to Angola

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Angolan kwanza
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The domestic currency in Angola is the Angolan kwanza with currency code AOA. Read this foreign exchange guide to Angola and the Angolan kwanza with money transfer and travel tips plus Angolan kwanza exchange cross rates.

In this guide we review :

  1. Angolan kwanza info - general info about the Angolan kwanza
  2. Angolan kwanza in the markets - recent AOA moves and predictions from the FX markets
  3. Travelling in Angola - currency & money saving tips
  4. Buying Angolan kwanza cash online - travel money for Angola
  5. Sending money to Angola - save on Angolan kwanza bank transfers to Angola
  6. Angolan kwanza exchange rates - latest & historic exchange rates.

Angolan kwanza (AOA) general currency information

What is the Angolan kwanza currency code and symbol?

The three letter currency code for the Angolan kwanza is AOA.

Which countries use the Angolan kwanza?

It is the domestic currency in Angola.

Angolan kwanza (AOA) in the markets

The interactive chart below shows the AOA to USD exchange rate for the previous 3 months with rate alerts for days when the exchange rate moved up or down significantly or for 30 day highs and lows.

AOA-USD 3 Month chart
Loading AOA/USD Chart
AOA currency converter

Travel, Currency and Money saving tips for Angola

Angola's economy is among the fastest growing in the world due to its strong mineral and petroleum reserves, especially since the end of the civil war. Despite this, the standard of living remains low for the majority of the population. But its oil, diamonds, natural beauty (and even dinosaur bones) are attracting business travelers, tourists, and paleontologists.

Can I use Credit Cards in Angola?

Travellers are advised that cash, called Kwanza in Angola, is the payment of choice throughout the country, except for at major hotels. Angola’s currency is the Kwanza (Kz or AOA). Not all ATMs in Angola allow access to foreign accounts, and when they do, fraud concerns are present and the charges are exorbitant. Credit cards have limited acceptance and American Express, Visa, and Diners Club may only be used in large hotels and high-end restaurants. There are many ATMs in town, although they rarely accept foreign cards. However its ATM network is growing all the time.

Importing or exporting any amount of kwanzaa is illegal and attempting to will result in penalties, confiscation, and possibly even imprisonment.

The overall picture painted in Angola shows one of increasing stability. While there are lingering elements of the country's civil war - poverty, poor infrastructure and government and police corruption - the country is much improved from the way it was before.Areas like Luanda and Cabinda remain high on the no-go list for many government-run travel sites due to the possibility of political unrest and attacks on tourists. However, you can still see areas of Luanda if you exercise caution.

Are Visas needed for Angola?

Make sure your passport is valid for six months past your last day in Angola and that there are two blank consecutive pages available for the visa. You should also have a yellow fever vaccination card with you, in case an official should ask to see it at the airport. You must get a visa for Angola before leaving for your trip. The main international airport is Quatro de Fevereiro International Airport, located right outside of Luanda. From the airport, you can grab a taxi into the city center.

Angola Trip Checklist   

  1. Compare AOA travel cash rates - probably why you are here!
  2. Search Hotel deals - Save on your accomodation in Angola
  3. Lonely Planet - world's best travel guide (coupon and deals)

Travel money for Angola

Save money and time by Ordering your Angolan kwanza online from Travelex, you get better rates and can pick up the AOA cash locally or even on travel day at the airport.

Another popular option is to use a Pre-paid Travel Card. Your Debit/Credit Card provider will charge you 2% from market mid-rate, but your bank may also charge an extra 3% as an “Overseas Transaction Charge” plus “Overseas ATM” fees for withdrawing cash.

For card purchases if offered a choice of currencies always select to Pay in Angolan kwanza otherwise you may get much worst exchange rates.


Travel Money for Angola

Compare AOA Cash rates


Sending money to Angola

When searching around for information on how to get a good exchange rate when sending money to Angola you need to start with finding out the latest Angolan kwanza foreign-transfer exchange rate.

Then compare your bank's exchange rates to several licensed FX providers exchange rate and fees to see how much you can save (we make that calculation easy here).

Getting a better deal when sending money to Angola

When sending money to Angola it’s important to compare your bank’s rates & fees with those we have negotiated with our partner money transfer providers. To get a better deal you should follow these 4 simple steps :

  1. Open an account with a BER reviewed FX provider (id docs may be required)
  2. You specify the local or Angolan kwanza amount you want to transfer
  3. Make a local currency domestic transfer for the requested amount to the provider's bank account in your country
  4. Once your funds are received by the provider the converted AOA amount will be transfered to the recipient account you specify in Angola.

Use our Send to AOA calculator to compare the exchange rates of FX specialist providers rates versus your bank's standard rates you can hopefully save around 5% and maybe more - end result is more Angolan kwanza deposited into the recipient bank account and less margins and fees kept by the banks!


Bank Transfers to Angola

Compare AOA Transfer Rates


Angolan kwanza - exchange rates - live and historic

Major AOA cross rates
View Full List (A-Z)

AOA/USD - Angolan kwanza to U.S. dollar - 10 Year History

DateExchange RatePeriod
10 Jun 20180.0042031 Week
18 May 20180.0042911 Month
19 Dec 20170.0060276 Months
17 Jun 20170.0060271 Year
17 Jun 20160.0060312 Years
18 Jun 20130.01045 Years
19 Jun 20080.013410 Years

AOA/EUR - Angolan kwanza to Euro - 10 Year History

DateExchange RatePeriod
10 Jun 20180.0035671 Week
18 May 20180.0036401 Month
19 Dec 20170.0050916 Months
17 Jun 20170.0053831 Year
17 Jun 20160.0053492 Years
18 Jun 20130.0077595 Years
19 Jun 20080.00862110 Years

AOA/GBP - Angolan kwanza to British pound sterling - 10 Year History

DateExchange RatePeriod
10 Jun 20180.0031331 Week
18 May 20180.0031861 Month
19 Dec 20170.0045026 Months
17 Jun 20170.0047181 Year
17 Jun 20160.0042002 Years
18 Jun 20130.0066415 Years
19 Jun 20080.00677510 Years

AOA/JPY - Angolan kwanza to Japanese yen - 10 Year History

DateExchange RatePeriod
10 Jun 20180.46001 Week
18 May 20180.47551 Month
19 Dec 20170.68116 Months
17 Jun 20170.66831 Year
17 Jun 20160.62882 Years
18 Jun 20130.98975 Years
19 Jun 20081.441210 Years

AOA/AUD - Angolan kwanza to Australian dollar - 10 Year History

DateExchange RatePeriod
10 Jun 20180.0055291 Week
18 May 20180.0057131 Month
19 Dec 20170.0078766 Months
17 Jun 20170.0079071 Year
17 Jun 20160.0081552 Years
18 Jun 20130.01105 Years
19 Jun 20080.014110 Years

AOA/CAD - Angolan kwanza to Canadian dollar - 10 Year History

DateExchange RatePeriod
10 Jun 20180.0054511 Week
18 May 20180.0055331 Month
19 Dec 20170.0077636 Months
17 Jun 20170.0079641 Year
17 Jun 20160.0077852 Years
18 Jun 20130.01065 Years
19 Jun 20080.013510 Years