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    Bank of Canada Exchange Rates

    The Bank of Canada sets interest rates to attempt to keep inflation low and stable and influence the value of the Canadian dollar to help the economy.

    Updated: Jul 01, 2021  

    The Bank of Canada is the Canada’s central bank. Its main role is “to promote the economic and financial welfare of Canada,” as defined in the Bank of Canada Act.

    Through its Monetary policy (the setting interest rates) the Bank of Canada influences the supply of money circulating in the economy and thus the value of the Canadian dollar.

    1 CAD = 0.7745 USD
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    CAD to USD at 0.7756 is just 1.0% below its 90-day average 0.7832 with range 0.7664-0.8008.
      1 USD = 1.2912 CAD
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