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Foreign Exchange Guide to the Eurozone

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The domestic currency in the Eurozone is the Euro with currency code EUR. Read this foreign exchange guide to the Eurozone and the Euro with money transfer and travel tips plus Euro exchange cross rates.

In this guide we review :

  1. Euro info - general info about the Euro
  2. Euro in the markets - recent EUR moves and predictions from the FX markets
  3. Travelling in the Eurozone - currency & money saving tips
  4. Buying Euro cash online - travel money for the Eurozone
  5. Sending money to the Eurozone - save on Euro bank transfers to the Eurozone
  6. Euro exchange rates - latest & historic exchange rates.

Euro (EUR) general currency information

The euro (ISO: EUR) is involved in slightly more than 30% of all foreign exchange deals, and as such, is the world’s second most traded currency, behind the US dollar.

The euro is the currency of the eurozone (officially called the ‘euro area’), which consists of 19 of the 28 member states of the European Union, and is used by almost 350 million Europeans. It was introduced in January 1999.

Of all the thousands of exchange rates that exist in the world, the euro-to-US dollar exchange rate is the most actively traded, or most ‘liquid’.

Since its introduction, the euro’s lowest value against the dollar came in October 2000 when EUR/USD hit lows of 0.8231. The currency was strongest in July 2008, shortly before the worst stage of the 2007-2009 financial crisis, when EUR/USD reached 1.6038.

There are currently more than twenty nations and territories which peg their currencies to the euro, the largest of which is Denmark.

What is the Euro currency code and symbol?

The three letter currency code for the Euro is EUR and the symbol is .

Which countries use the Euro?

It is the domestic currency in Eurozone, Aaland Islands, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, French Guinea, French Southern Territories, Germany, Greece, Guadeloupe, Vatican City, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Martinique, Mayotte, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Portugal, Reunion, Saint Barthélemy, Saint Martin, Saint Pierre And Miquelon, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.

Euro (EUR) in the markets

Against the US dollar, after reaching a three-year high of 1.256 in mid-February, the euro fell back into the mid-1.18s by mid-May. The euro lost value against the greenback due to the latter currency’s recoupling with interest rate expectations. Higher US yields had pushed the dollar higher across the board.

Against sterling, the euro is little changed since September of last year (it’s marginally lower). EUR/GBP continues to trade above and below 0.88.

Anticipating an end-of-year reduction in the level of ECB quantitative easing, Stephen Gallo of BMO Capital has predicted a summer rally in the euro – a rally that will eventually drive EUR/USD to 1.30 in the first half of 2019.

Danske Bank are predicting euro weakness against the British pound in the near-term, with a mid-August forecast of 0.865.

The interactive chart below shows the EUR to USD exchange rate for the previous 3 months with rate alerts for days when the exchange rate moved up or down significantly or for 30 day highs and lows.

EUR-USD 3 Month chart
EUR-USD 3 Month chart
EUR currency converter

Travel, Currency and Money saving tips for Eurozone

When arriving at any new destination for first time visitors it cant hurt to stop by the Tourist Point to get any free maps, discounts, and cost free events. Most decent hotels have free WiFi so try using this to avoid any suprise Roaming fees on your phone when you get back home. ATM and credit card use varies greatly between countries so purchasing a Pre-paid Travel Card before leaving for your travels can save time and hassle.

If you would like to travel by train and can book a fair way in advance you can save money by getting a pass for Europes extensive train system that goes pretty much everywhere. You can check prices at sites like RailEurope. To safe a lot of travel time and money you can book a sleeper cabin on an overnight train. While travelling across Europe by bus used to be uncomfortable there are now low cost luxury buses available. And now to save even more time at your locations instead of travelling to them, costs for flights have greatly reduced in recent years making it a very affordable and very fast way to get around. Depends on your preference.

For more travel tips and ideas on ways to save money when traveling in the Eurozone read our EU Travel guide

Eurozone Trip Checklist   

  1. Compare EUR travel cash rates - probably why you are here!
  2. Search Hotel deals- save on your accomodation costs
  3. Lonely Planet - world's best travel guide (coupon and deals)

Travel money for the Eurozone

Save money and time by Ordering your Euro online from Travelex, you get better rates and can pick up the EUR cash locally or even on travel day at the airport.

Another popular option is to use a Pre-paid Travel Card. Your Debit/Credit Card provider will charge you 2% from market mid-rate, but your bank may also charge an extra 3% as an “Overseas Transaction Charge” plus “Overseas ATM” fees for withdrawing cash.

For card purchases if offered a choice of currencies always select to Pay in Euro otherwise you may get much worst exchange rates.

Travel Money Exchange Rates Compared

Buying EUR Cash with USD 1,000

Travelex Online logo Travelex Online
€769.60 EUR (9.29%)
Free Home Delivery when you Buy Online Travel Money & Cards with $0 commission and great exchange rates only available from Travelex Online. Zero cost for Home Delivery or pickup your foreign cash at your local Travelex store or at the airport on departure day. * Home deliveries can only be made to the registered billing address of your chosen payment method.
Price Details
Receive: €769.60 EUR
Exchange Rate: 0.7696
(Inverse 1EUR=USD 1.2994)
Fees: USD 0
Total Cost : 9.29% (from mid-rate: 0.8484)
Amount of money that could be received by your currency exchange at rate USD/EUR=0.7696 and inclusive of the fee of USD 0.
Rate timestamp : Wed May 23 2018 00:00:03 GMT+0000 (UTC)
Bank Rates - Average
€734.98 EUR (13.37%)
This is the average USD to EUR Buy Foreign Cash exchange rate from multiple banks, exchange kiosks and post-offices, available over the counter and via the internet.

Price Details
Receive: €734.98 EUR
Exchange Rate: 0.7424
(Inverse 1EUR=USD 1.3470)
Fees: USD 10 (1%)
Total Cost : 13.37% (from mid-rate: 0.8484)
Receive EUR €35 less than with  Travelex Online logo Travelex Online
Amount of money that could be received by your currency exchange at rate USD/EUR=0.7424 and inclusive of the fee of USD 10 (1%).

Sending money to the Eurozone

How to save when sending money to the Eurozone

When sending money to the Eurozone it’s important to compare your bank’s rates & fees with those we have negotiated with our partner money transfer providers. To get a better deal you should follow these 3 simple steps :

  1. Open an account with a BER reviewed FX provider (id docs may be required)
  2. You specify the local or Euro amount you want to transfer
  3. Make a local currency domestic transfer for the requested amount to the provider's bank account in your country
  4. Once your funds are received by the provider the converted EUR amount will be transfered to the recipient account you specify in the Eurozone.

Use our Send to EUR calculator to compare the exchange rates of FX specialist providers rates versus your bank's standard rates you can hopefully save around 5% and maybe more - end result is more Euro deposited into the recipient bank account and less margins and fees kept by the banks!

Sending a LARGER international money transfer? Request a Free Multi-Vendor Quote

Compare Foreign Transfers

Sending USD 10,000 to EUR

OFX logo OFX (prev. USForex)
€8427.00 EUR (0.67%)
Book & track your foreign transfers online (24/7) with industry best rates for all your deals - not just the first one! Lock in exchange rates with Spot & Forward Deals. BestExchangeRates users get the transfer fees waived.
Price Details
Receive: €8427.00 EUR
Exchange Rate: 0.8427
(Inverse 1EUR=USD 1.1867)
Fees: USD 0
Total Cost : 0.67% (from mid-rate: 0.8484)
This is the amount of money that could be received by your transfer at rate USD/EUR=0.8427 and inclusive of the fee of USD 0.
Rate timestamp : Wed May 23 2018 00:03:09 GMT+0000 (UTC)
Bank Rates - Average
€8162.74 EUR (3.79%)
This is the average USD to EUR International Transfer exchange rate and fees from multiple banks for FX rates available over the counter and also via Internet Banking.

Price Details
Receive: €8162.74 EUR
Exchange Rate: 0.8175
(Inverse 1EUR=USD 1.2232)
Fees: USD 15
Total Cost : 3.79% (from mid-rate: 0.8484)
Receive EUR €264 less than with  OFX logo OFX
This is the amount of money that could be received by your transfer at rate USD/EUR=0.8175 and inclusive of the fee of USD 15.

Euro - exchange rates - live and historic

Major EUR cross rates
View Full List (A-Z)

EUR/USD - Euro to U.S. dollar - 10 Year History

DateExchange RatePeriodChange
22 May 20181.1782Latest
15 May 20181.18201 Week-0.32%
22 Apr 20181.22741 Month-4.01%
23 Nov 20171.18516 Months-0.58%
22 May 20171.12381 Year+4.84%
22 May 20161.12192 Years+5.02%
23 May 20131.29235 Years-8.83%
24 May 20081.572010 Years-25.05%

EUR/GBP - Euro to British pound sterling - 10 Year History

DateExchange RatePeriodChange
22 May 20180.8764Latest
15 May 20180.87551 Week+0.1%
22 Apr 20180.87661 Month-0.02%
23 Nov 20170.89066 Months-1.59%
22 May 20170.86491 Year+1.33%
22 May 20160.77392 Years+13.24%
23 May 20130.85595 Years+2.4%
24 May 20080.794010 Years+10.38%

EUR/JPY - Euro to Japanese yen - 10 Year History

DateExchange RatePeriodChange
22 May 2018130.7195Latest
15 May 2018130.37551 Week+0.26%
22 Apr 2018132.41541 Month-1.28%
23 Nov 2017131.85316 Months-0.86%
22 May 2017124.63511 Year+4.88%
22 May 2016123.62302 Years+5.74%
23 May 2013131.79845 Years-0.82%
24 May 2008164.110610 Years-20.35%

EUR/AUD - Euro to Australian dollar - 10 Year History

DateExchange RatePeriodChange
22 May 20181.5518Latest
15 May 20181.58281 Week-1.96%
22 Apr 20181.60251 Month-3.16%
23 Nov 20171.55426 Months-0.15%
22 May 20171.50431 Year+3.16%
22 May 20161.55232 Years-0.03%
23 May 20131.32885 Years+16.78%
24 May 20081.635510 Years-5.12%

EUR/CAD - Euro to Canadian dollar - 10 Year History

DateExchange RatePeriodChange
22 May 20181.5055Latest
15 May 20181.52161 Week-1.06%
22 Apr 20181.56731 Month-3.94%
23 Nov 20171.50666 Months-0.07%
22 May 20171.51631 Year-0.71%
22 May 20161.47162 Years+2.3%
23 May 20131.33295 Years+12.95%
24 May 20081.550310 Years-2.89%

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