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    Shipping tips for online sellers

    Dec 11, 2015 (Upd: Feb 5, 2024)  

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    It goes without saying that Christmas represents a key time for many online businesses, and the shipping of goods is one of the big things that etailers need to get right. Traders can be become suspended because of a poor shipping performance and the pre-Christmas period is one of the most likely times that this could happen.

    We’ve spoken to Fraser Harper, the CEO of E-Gistics Ltd to give his shipping tips for online sellers, and his thoughts on what etailers can do with their shipping strategy to make things easier for themselves – and better for their customers – during the Christmas rush.

    “All couriers and postal networks are under tremendous pressure at Christmas and our advice to retailers who rely heavily on sales from platforms such Amazon, eBay and Rakuten is to forecast the level of sales made from each platform during the peak period vs the sales made during the whole year. Then, assess where their feedback ratings are and how close to “suspension levels” they might be if they experience the inevitable delays in delivery.

    “If a retailer or trader is closer than they’d like to be in terms of feedback and performance statistics, they may consider upgrading all or a portion of their traffic to a higher level of shipping service. So they may switch from an untracked to a tracked service, or from a tracked to an express tracked service.

    “To put this in numbers, if a retailer is trading £5k per week from Amazon Germany, the annual revenue at risk from a poor delivery performance during peak could be £250k. Upgrading the delivery service to maintain a positive selling profile will cost, of course, but it could well save that revenue stream going into the New Year.

    “By upgrading to a tracked or express service, the end platform consumer has more visibility on their delivery and are therefore more informed and are less likely to become frustrated and complain.”

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