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Traveling in China

Travel Tips and Ways to Save Money when Traveling in China.


China’s international visitors have rocketed to an impressive 26 million in 2015. It is said that in less than 10 years, the country will become the first tourist destination with the world’s largest number of visitors. Credit cards are still not accepted in many rural places so it will be convenient to carry a travel card or cash with you. The highest denomination (100 yuan) does not carry a huge amount of value so if you intend to make large purchases you may be carrying a conspicuous wad of cash around with you.

Keep in mind that the closer you get to the airport in any country the worst the currency exchange rates get! In fact travellers can end up paying more than 10% extra if you load up on your overseas currency at airport bureau de change outlets.

If you end up buying your travel money on depature day without pre-ordering online you are most likely wasting some of your money.
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Great Wall of China.

Beware of people on the street side who offer services of money exchange. There has lately been a growing rate of ATM scam, where certain characters set up fake ATM’s to scam credit card details. Just try to avoid any ATM that looks suspicious, or use the ATM’s at major banks. There is also counterfeit money circulating in China, these are almost always smaller notes so try not to break up your larger notes all the time.

If you make it part of your pre-departure preparations to Order your Travel Money Online from Travelex you will
probably end up extending your travel budget by a couple of precious days.

To compare Chinese Yuan travel money exchange rates use our travel money calculator.

For information and tips on how to get the best exchange rates read this article.


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