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Traveling in Vietnam

Travel Tips and Ways to Save Money when Traveling in Vietnam.

Hoi An Centre Town.

Now lately, the tourist industry is growing and has become a major source of national revenue for the past 10-15 years. Ha Noi and Ho Chi Ninh City You cannot escape learning about the horrid history whose effects are still visible on the faces, bodies the locals even today. Like India, many travelers either love or hate it here. Admittedly, it’s a hard country to travel through, but despite the challenges, you will find a very interesting and visually-pleasing place to visit. Vietnam is a new attraction, its stunning, and is a new attraction for backpackers so get in before it loses its charm. Nha Trang is cool for a beach holiday, great if you have kids. Its Vietnams Disneyland.
Bus travel is very cheap in Vietnam. For example, the public bus around Ho Chi Minh City will cost a maximum of 3,500 VND. The best thing about buses is that you dont get a seat mostly, you get a bed. My favourate thing was chilling back and watching the scenery go by.
Make sure the cab drivers are on zero on their tab when you get in, otherwise get out and find another.

A Hoi Ann Restuarant.

Now if you go to Vietnam you have to go to Hoi An, it’s gorgeous. Yes, there are walks that are quite touritsy, but this is a place where you can go and have dinner or a drink in the middle of history. Your not kept on the sidelines, go get a good meal on the the river surrounded buy gorgeous old biuldings and boats. A stunning place while it lasts, and good food. The best Coconut Chicken Curry I ever had was from here. Served in a burning coconut. Yum.

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Halong Bay. Camera cant catch it, its gorgeous.

Vietnam is now a wonderful place for people to visit. Lovely and friendly people, stunning landscapes make it a must see.

Hoi An.

Dont drink the tap water, bottled water is cheap and easy to find, like many countries you need to be careful with water, make sure its sealed properly before you buy it.

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