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GBP Charts - Historical Exchange Rates

The below interactive chart dashboard shows the British pound sterling (GBP) historical exchange rates against the most popular currencies for a range of periods from 2 days to 3 years.

You can see charts for all available currency pairs here on our mid-rate calculator.

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British pound sterling (GBP) in the markets

Like most currencies, the pound was strong against the US dollar in early 2018. By late March, in line with the broader market for dollar pairs, GBP/USD had fallen back from January’s 19-month high of 1.434 to 1.4, but remained up 4% on the year and 17% higher than 2017’s low of 1.2.

Mirroring the standoff between UK and EU Brexit negotiators, the pound-euro exchange rate did little in the six-month period between October ’17 and March ’18. The pound continues to buy roughly 1.14 euros.

Like most other G10 currencies, the pound gained significantly in early 2018 against the Australian dollar and lost out against the yen.

According to a Reuters survey of FX analysts in March, the pound will end the year buying 1.41 US dollars (entering 2018, most analysts predicted rates between 1.3 and 1.35) and 1.12-1.14 euros.

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