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Quick currency converter & margin calculator

Calculate currency amounts with the latest market rates or enter your own rates

This powerful calculator also lets you enter your own customer rates to find out the percentage margin (cost) to the latest market rates you are being charged by banks & providers.


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HKD / USD converter & margin calculator

90-DAY TREND: At 0.1277 HKD/USD is trading near the average 0.1276 with a range 0.1275 to 0.1279. ALERT: HKD/USD has dropped to 14-DAY LOWS.
Update: 06-Dec 16:03-EST 21:03-GMT 08:03-AEDT(+1D)
HKD/USD over the last 90 days

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For more details on the HKD/USD exchange rate including forecasts and foreign transfers and travel money rate comparison tables review the detailed HKD to USD Rate Guide.

Compare how much you can save on HKD/USD exchange rates for:

Foreign Transfers

Foreign Transfers Travel Money

Hong Kong Dollar

United States Dollar

1 HKD 0.1277 USD
5 HKD 0.6385 USD
10 HKD 1.2770 USD
20 HKD 2.5540 USD
50 HKD 6.3850 USD
100 HKD 12.77 USD
250 HKD 31.93 USD
500 HKD 63.85 USD
1,000 HKD 127.70 USD
2,000 HKD 255.40 USD
5,000 HKD 638.50 USD
10,000 HKD 1,277.00 USD
50,000 HKD 6,385.00 USD
100,000 HKD 12,770.00 USD
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Hong Kong Dollar

United States Dollar

7.8301 HKD 1 USD
39.15 HKD 5 USD
78.30 HKD 10 USD
156.60 HKD 20 USD
391.51 HKD 50 USD
783.01 HKD 100 USD
1,957.53 HKD 250 USD
3,915.05 HKD 500 USD
7,830.10 HKD 1,000 USD
15,660.20 HKD 2,000 USD
39,150.50 HKD 5,000 USD
78,301.00 HKD 10,000 USD
391,505.00 HKD 50,000 USD
783,010.00 HKD 100,000 USD
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