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Buying and selling foreign cash
Buying foreign cash is now easier with Bankwest. If you’re heading overseas, simply order your foreign cash online and pick it up from any Bankwest store.

The exchange rates provided by Bank West on their website are for foreign exchange transactions up to AUD50,000 and are subject to change without notice.

* You must be a customer of Bankwest to use their exchange currency services.

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8 Reviews for “Bankwest”

  1. Singapore Girl says:

    While it is fairly easy to use (as it utilises Amex FX) and you can pick up in store, I have to give it only 2 stars as the “FX cash fee” is not mentioned on this site. You can find the information here: https://www.fx4you.com/australia/bankwest/faq.cfm

    The fee for FX cash is 1% with an $8 minimum. This changes it’s ranking order and makes it more expensive than say Travelex (who really have no fees – while charging a slightly higher margin).

    1. BER Team says:

      Hi Singapore Girl, thanks for pointing out that we were missing the Bankwest (Amex) FX cash fee of 1% with an $8 minimum, thats now been fixed.
      Hope you have a great trip and thx for using BER 🙂
      The BER Team

  2. Mark says:

    Having to be a Bankwest customer to purchase foreign currency seems a bit absurd in this day and age. This fact was not mentioned when I approached my local branch in person (I found out through the T&C’s on their website). Currency must be ordered online as bank staff are unable to do this?? I happily went elsewhere. Twenty first century Bankwest.

  3. danishblu says:

    Have been working in WA in mining and using BW to send money home to Denmark, am very happy with the service

  4. Ttg says:

    Bankwest online charges $8 per currency which ends up much more expensive than this website shows. I went with travelex – bpay option and collected currency from airport

  5. From Bathurst says:

    Dear fxadmin

    Thankyou for your helpful website.

    I would like to draw your attention to the Bankwest advertised rates .

    My wife visited the George Street store to exchange $5000 for euros & they advised you needed to be a customer to exchange , not a problem for us we have an account .

    Bankwest advised that she needed to visit the office in Castlereagh street to do the exchange.

    She was advised that they would need to order in the currency & it could take a week (but could not guarantee the rate)

    I just don’t think Bankwest should be promoted for fx if they can’t deliver on their advertised rate.

    This makes your website which should be a very good source of consumer information effectively useless.

    We ended up exchanging elsewhere, no great problem, but I felt I needed to pass this on.


  6. Dave says:

    Good rates but didn’t realise you need to be a customer to exchange with BankWest

  7. trish says:

    Picked up some euro before my backpacking trip in the Perth Hay street branch which I ordered online, all went swimmingly

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