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Best Currency Exchange Rates – Perth CBD

In this article we show you how to save money if you find yourself looking for Foreign Cash in the Perth CBD.

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The capital of Western Australia, Perth, has a host of experiences on offer from white sandy beaches, the fine wine regions of Swan Districts, Margaret River and Pemberton, and a diverse urban city centre which has something to offer everyone.

Whether you are visiting as a tourist or over on business, you will want to be prepared for your trip and ready with some australian dollars in your wallet.

You’ll have no problems using a topped up travel card or credit card. As always though, it’s wise to have some cash at the ready.

Ordering your foreign cash online from Travelex for delivery or if you’re in a rush then picking up the cash at a Travelex, Post Office or HSBC branch is your best bet for convenience and getting more for your currency.

You will find that you can save a couple of percent on the exchange rate margin by pre-ordering your cash. Our Review of Auspost exchange rates includes the following table that shows you an example of how much you can save.

Currency Amount Branch Rate Online Rate Branch Cost Online Cost Online Saving Saving %
USD $500 0.6924 0.7138 $722.14 $700.48 $21.66 3%
EUR €500 0.5852 0.6033 $854.41 $828.78 $25.63 3%
GBP £500 0.5239 0.5401 $954.39 $925.75 $28.63 3%
JPY ¥50,000 75.372 78.5122 $663.38 $636.84 $26.54 4%
NZD $500 1.0223 1.0539 $489.10 $474.43 $14.67 3%
Total $4,698.21 $4,698.21 $129.85 3%

Table showing Online vs In-branch Savings with AusPost (exchange rates were valid for 21st July, 2018)


Pre-Order Foreign Cash & Save

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Order travel money online

Get better rates than available to you by walking into Travelex, Auspost or HSBC branches by pre-ordering online from Travelex, you can still pick up in person at any Travelex, Auspost or HSBC branch.


Australia Post Currency Exchange Rates vs the Banks

The below live travel money comparison table shows how much you could save on your next foreign transfer or travel money purchase by ordering online for Auspost pickup vs the Average Bank Rate. This example shows you the situation where you want to change $AUD 2,000 for foreign cash, note the margins are compared to the current market mid-rate.

Auspost currency exchange rates vs bank average
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Get $10 Off at Travelex stores (exchanging foreign cash to AUD)

To save you money exchanging foreign cash to AUD we have organised a special coupon that will save you $10 when you exchange more than $500 equivalent of AUD.

Get your $10 Coupon

Make sure you only unlock your discount code and present to a salesperson once you are in a Travelex store as you will only have 30 minutes to redeem this promotion.

Perth CBD Currency Exchange Locations


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