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Australian Dollar and Euro Heading Higher, Experts Say
US Dollar to Fall This Week; Thai Baht Under Threat Following Huge GDP Miss
Australian Dollar Threatens $0.73; Pound Plunges as Brexit Secretary ...
Investors Dump Cryptocurrencies; Bitcoin Falls $800 to 1-Year Low
Petro-Currencies Struggle Amid Oil Market Plunge
Euro Falls to 16-Month Low; Even Lower Prices Likely This Week
AUD, NZD Lead the Pack; No Imminent Recovery for CAD (SocGen)
Philippine Peso Is Back in Business but Downtrend to Resume, Thinks DBS
Hard to Bet Against USD Despite Midterms and Rough Start to November
Australian Dollar Outlook: Huge Gains Put an End to Technical Downtrend
GBP, AUD, NZD Jump as UK-EU Reach Deal on Financial Services
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