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On the 26th January 2019, Currency Online will join forces with XE. By bringing the two companies together, XE is combining their 25 years of authority in currency exchange and Currency Online’s comprehensive range of money transfer services. Read our XE Review.

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Currency Online Money Transfer Rates & Fees - Compared

The below live Foreign Transfer comparison table shows how much you could save on your next foreign transfer by using a broker such as Currency Online rather than your bank. Note the margins are compared to the current mid-rate. You can change the currencies and send or receive amount with our full Foreign Transfer calculator.

ProvidersReceive USD($)Exchange RateFee AUDTotal CostDeal Links
OFX (OzForex) logo
6,885 USD
Best Overall
BankSA International Money Transfers
BankSA logo
6,711.54 USD
173 USD
Bank of Melbourne International Money Transfers
Bank of Melbourne logo
6,710.88 USD
174 USD
Bank of Queensland logo
6,704.83 USD
180 USD
Banks - Average Rate
St George Bank logo Bank of Queensland logo National Australia Bank (nab) logo Bank of Melbourne logo BankSA logo
6,658 USD
227 USD
National Australia Bank (nab) logo
6,587.48 USD
298 USD
St George Bank logo
6,576.82 USD
308 USD
OFX (OzForex): Foreign Transfer AUD→USD
AUD amount:$10,000 AUD
Fee:0^ - No fees for BestExchangeRates users (normally $15 for transfers over $10K)
Exchange Rate:0.6885 (-1.21% from mid-rate)
USD amount:6,885 USD
Total Cost:1.21%
Rate Fetched: 9:42 Local
: 4.8/5.0
BankSA: Foreign Transfer AUD→USD
AUD amount:$10,000 AUD
Exchange Rate:0.6725 (-3.5% from mid-rate)
USD amount:6,711.54 USD
Total Cost:3.69%
Rate Fetched: website - 9:42 Local
: /5.0
Bank of Melbourne: Foreign Transfer AUD→USD
AUD amount:$10,000 AUD
Exchange Rate:0.6725 (-3.5% from mid-rate)
USD amount:6,710.88 USD
Total Cost:3.7%
Rate Fetched: website - 9:42 Local
: /5.0
Bank of Queensland: Foreign Transfer AUD→USD
AUD amount:$10,000 AUD
Exchange Rate:0.6725 (-3.5% from mid-rate)
USD amount:6,704.83 USD
Total Cost:3.79%
: 3/5.0

Banks - Average Rate

Foreign Transfer AUD→USD
AUD amount:$10,000 AUD
Exchange Rate:0.6844 (-1.79% from mid-rate)
USD amount:6,658 USD
Total Cost:4.46%
National Australia Bank (nab): Foreign Transfer AUD→USD
AUD amount:$10,000 AUD
Exchange Rate:0.6602 (-5.27% from mid-rate)
USD amount:6,587.48 USD
Total Cost:5.47%
Rate Fetched: website - 9:42 Local
: 2.1/5.0
St George Bank: Foreign Transfer AUD→USD
AUD amount:$10,000 AUD
Exchange Rate:0.6590 (-5.44% from mid-rate)
USD amount:6,576.82 USD
Total Cost:5.63%
Rate Fetched: website - 9:42 Local
: 1/5.0
Snapshot 06/25/2019 - See full table
Exchange Rates 4.8
Customer Service 4.2
Ease of Use 4.5

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6 Reviews for “CurrencyOnline”

  1. Avatar jim says:

    Very happy with the online service, it only took 1 day to transfer the money from NZ ANZ account to AUS NAB account.

    Registration is easy and not take long.

    And online updates and email keep me updated with latest status.

    Highly recommend to anyone who wish to transfer the money to overseas, best rate and no fees for certain amount.

  2. Avatar Alex says:

    I have been using CO for the last two years to transfer NZ$, AU$, and US$ with no issue at all.
    Their service is exceptional and their rate is great.
    I would be very happy to recommend CO to anyone who needs to transfer funds with ease.
    Easily a FIVE Star company; beats any bank any day.

  3. Avatar angel88 says:

    Am a CO user and very happy sending money home to NZ from OZ

  4. Avatar ozpomm says:

    Great rates and service, and I’m ozzie so very surprised to be using a Kiwi company to send $$ home to OZ from UK but hey the rates r what matters…not the accents!

  5. Avatar Aren says:

    Very happy with CurrencyOnline, I have been using them to send money from the UK to Japan and Australia. Good rates and service

  6. Avatar Jz says:

    Happy with service and rates, could have more user tools in their website


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