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Japanese yen news and forecasts

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  Japanese yen forecast

JPY in the markets

The yen was the star performer in the weeks leading up to this report (May-17), with appreciation driven by a flight to safety following a serious escalation in the US-China trade war. The benchmark yen rate, USD/JPY, was down in the mid-109s, having been as high as 112.4 in late April. Relatively speaking, against their April highs, other yen rates had fallen even more (NZD/JPY was down from 76 to 71.6).

In May, HSBC warned against thinking that yen-supporting safe-haven flows would soon stop, implying that the yen could have more upside potential in the near term. The bank highlighted the “desolation and destruction” (an exaggeration) present in many major economies and currencies. “You can never get too high,” the bank’s chief analyst said.

USD/JPY – 6 month chart

JPY forecasts

Sotiabank continue to forecast year-end rates for USD/JPY, AUD/JPY and EUR/JPY of 108, 80 and 130 respectively.

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Japanese yen – Historical Rates

1 Day-0.54%110.214522 May 2019
1 Week-0.24%109.882516 May 2019
1 Month-2.03%111.881923 Apr 2019
6 Months-2.97%112.975224 Nov 2018
1 Year-0.24%109.880023 May 2018
5 Years+7.52%101.947824 May 2014
10 Years+15.46%94.940625 May 2009

*For period to 23-May 21UTC when USD/JPY was 109.6145


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Japanese Yen JPY Currency News and Forecasts

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