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GBP to USD Forecasts

Brexit continues to dominate GBP markets and forecasts, with "no deal" likely to induce exchange rates near $1.10; a deal will bring rates closer to $1.50.

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  GBP to USD Forecasts

British Pound Sterling to US dollar bank forecasts

With such obvious Brexit related uncertainties in play, analysts are reluctant to offer GBP forecasts. It is perhaps telling, though, that longstanding pound supporter Nomura decided in mid-May to terminate its buy recommendation on the currency.

Should Boris Johnson replace Theresa May as UK PM, a further decline in GBP/USD to $1.20 is “very feasible,” one analyst said.

No-deal would have the pound way down at $1.10 according to HSBC.

GBP/USD – 1 year trend

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