Traveling in Italy

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Travel Tips and Ways to Save Money when Traveling in Italy.

Rome at night

Italy’s great food, beautiful countryside, fabulous wine, and long history make it an excellent country to visit. Try to learn a few words at least in Italian, the Italians will be impressed that you’re giving it a go but will often reply to you in English, giving them a chance to practise what they’ve learned. Some Italians still take a siesta during the day from 2-4 pm. It is somewhat of a past tradition but some of the shops still close and it’s best not to call on an Italian, as they might be having a nap. Stay alert while in the cities as theft, bag snatching and breaking into cars is common. Theft is also common on trains – day and night, so keep your eyes peeled. Try to avoid carrying passports, credit cards, travel tickets and cash together in handbags or pockets. Only carry with you what you need for the day and make use of safety deposit facilities in hotels.

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The Pantheon.

Accomodation in Italy is not cheap, though decent deals can be found by searching around the internet these days. The best way to get around Italy is via their extensive train network. Fast trains (Eurostar) cost between 35-65 EUR per trip. The slower regional trains cost between 6-23 EUR per trip. These are great if you enjoy the views. Public transport are at a good price, and of course now there are cheap flights in Europe that can save you a lot of time.

Fiesole, Tuscany.

Rome is a stunning city, try to find a rooftop bar to enjoy sunset. I enjoyed Grand Hotel de la Minerve’s rooftop bar with a gorgeous view. You can just walk around old city and catch all the sights if you have a decent map to follow. Venice is beautiful and unique, but is so full of tourists you may find it a bit claustrophobic. You can see what you need to within a few days, unless you know some locals.
If you head to Florence be sure to go up to Fiesole, a gorgeous little town on the hill that overlooks Florence. The views are spectacular, and there is a lovely walk from Fiesole around the hill and back into town. A must see if your in Tuscany.

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The Colloseam.

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