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Scholarships to Study in Australia

The Australian government offers a broad range of scholarships and fellowships for international students to study in Australia.

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The Australian government offers a broad range of scholarships and fellowships for international students to study in Australia. Below are some of the major awards, for a full list of government and some private scholarships and awards, take a look at the scholarships page on the studyinaustralia.gov.au website where at the time of writing is listing over 700 scholarships across government and private organisations for you to consider.  

Australia Awards Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded annually to citizens of participating countries in Asia, the Pacific, Middle East and Africa. The objective is to promote geopolitical awareness in the leaders of tomorrow and equip award winners with the skills and knowledge to drive change and make a difference to the economic and social development in their home countries.  Award recipients are required to return home for two years after they have completed their studies, so they can contribute to the development  of their country.

Australia Awards Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships

For internationals from participating countries of Asia, Americas, The Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, Europe, Middle East, Pacific and India, to undertake study, research or professional development in Australia. Successful candidates receive:

  • Travel allowance
  • Establishment allowance
  • Monthly stipend
  • Health insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Tuition fees

Students in La Trobe University, Australia.

New Colombo Plan

Offers a scholarship to Australian undergraduates to study and undertake internships in the Indo-Pacific region for study of up to one year.

There are an abundance of businesses that also offer scholarships for students in Australia. Some of these are listed on the studyinaustralia.gov.au website, but you can also search websites of organisations that you have a particular interest in to see if they offer scholarships.

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