Strong AUD lures OS Aussie IT staff home

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A STRONG Australian dollar and uncertainty in European markets has helped lure senior IT executives home or saw them re-locate here in the past 18 months, hiring experts say.

Granite Consulting director David Webley said Australian technology executives were now more likely to consider a move home.

“The Australian dollar being so strong is pretty attractive for talented Australians from London, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore to come back on-shore,” he said.

Granite Consulting specialises in technology and business project services and places mid-to-senior IT professionals.

“It started being pushed may be the other way with the GFC where basically there was a lot less work in London, Hong Kong or New York and now building on that with the Australian dollar being strong,” Mr Webley said.

“On a weekly basis we are talking to people wanting to come home.”

Mr Webley said there were a lot of people coming out of Europe given the economic pressures of the past few years.

“I think it will continue to be a steady flow,” he said.

“If you were an Australian business looking to build out your talent internally then typically there are a lot more larger programs happening out of places like Hong Kong and London,” Mr Webley said.

“So it is a good place to look for talent.”

He said most of those making the move here were senior people or those with a number of years experience rather than middle management executives.

“It is a combination of family reasons, education and the strong Australian dollar.”

Russell Reynolds executive director Nick Fletcher said the last 18 months have been the first time where salaries in Australia have looked attractive to people in London, New York or San Francisco.

“We have been able to get their attention at the same time while those markets have been really depressed,” said Mr Fletcher, who also runs the technology practice for Australia and New Zealand.

“Towards the top end of the market, we absolutely spend a significant amount of time looking at those markets and bringing people in and that trend will continue.”



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