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Swiss Franc – Daily Market Updates keep our customers aware of the latest CHF exchange rates, charts and rate changes in the major CHF cross currency pairs. This allows you to take advantage of any market moves in Swiss Franc rates plus low margins from our online FX payment partners to ensure you get the best possible exchange rates deals.

Will the Swiss Franc Be Shaken by Populist Referendum?
Australian Dollar and Euro Heading Higher, Experts Say
Dollar Strikes 16-Month High; Euro FX Down in the Dumps; Mexican Peso Falls...
“Avoid GBP,” Forecasters Say; Swiss Franc Volatility to Increase
Frightening FX Losses in Argentina; SNB Might Intervene to Weaken Franc
Swiss Franc Overvalued but Bearable, Says Finance Minister; Is Heading to 1...
Dollar Soars and Euro Tanks as Central Banks Plot Different Paths
Swiss Franc Slides to Symbolic 1.2 Per Euro Level, Cheered On by SNB
EUR/CHF Heading Higher on Policy Divergence; BAML Sees 1.20 as “...
Sterling Soars, Yen the Casualty at the End of Eventful Week
Missile Test Whipsaws Yen and Swiss Central Bank Speaks on Franc
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