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Travelex Exchange Rates Australia – BER Review

In this article we take a look at Travelex Australia exchange rates and foreign currency services. Getting your travel money from the local Travelex branch is convenient but with a little planning (and ordering online) you can also save money for your next trip abroad.

Exchange Rates 3.3
Customer Service 3.2
Ease of Use 3.4

Travelex Australia Exchange Rates – How do they Compare?

Travelex Australia branches are a one stop shop, providing tons of helpful services to help you prep for an overseas trip. Travelex Australia provides foreign currency exchange, travel money cards, traveller’s cheques and foreign money transfer to bank accounts or cash pickup.

Travelex Australia Currency Exchange Rates vs the Banks

This travel money comparison table shows how much you could save on your next travel money purchase by ordering online for Travelex pickup vs the Average Bank Rate. This example shows you the situation where you want to change $AUD 2,000 for foreign cash, note the margins are compared to the current market mid-rate.

Travel Money ProvidersAmount USD($)Exchange RateFee AUDTotal CostDeal Links
Travelex Online AU logo
659.10 USD
0.6591$0 BPay, Card 0.72%-1%2.69%
Westpac logo
666.86 USD
7.76 USD
ANZ Bank logo
652.51 USD
6.59 USD
Banks - Average Rate
Westpac logo ANZ Bank logo Commonwealth Bank (CBA) logo St George Bank logo National Australia Bank (nab) logo Bank of Melbourne logo BankSA logo
645.63 USD
13 USD
Bank of Melbourne Foreign Currency
Bank of Melbourne logo
643.80 USD
15 USD
BankSA Foreign Currency
BankSA logo
643.80 USD
15 USD
Commonwealth Bank (CBA) logo
640.73 USD
18 USD
St George Bank logo
636.90 USD
22 USD
National Australia Bank (nab) logo
634.79 USD
24 USD
Travelex Online AU: Travel Money AUD→USD
AUD amount:$1,000 AUD
Fee:$0 BPAY, 0.77% MasterCard debit, 0.94% MasterCard credit, 0.72% Visa debit and 1% Visa credit
Exchange Rate:0.6591 (2.69% from mid-rate)
USD amount:659.10 USD
Total Cost:2.69%
Rate Fetched: Mon Aug 19 2019 16:00:05 GMT+0000 (UTC)
Currency Services:Online order, Branch pickup, Home delivery
Delivery/Collect:2-3 days
: 4.3/5.0
Westpac: Travel Money AUD→USD
AUD amount:$1,000 AUD
Fee:A$10 AUD (1%)
Exchange Rate:0.6736 (0.55% from mid-rate)
USD amount:666.86 USD
Total Cost:1.54%
Rate Fetched: website - Mon Apr 15 2019 01:04:04 GMT+0000 (UTC)
Currency Services:Branch
: 2/5.0
ANZ Bank: Travel Money AUD→USD
AUD amount:$1,000 AUD
Fee:A$10 AUD (1%)
Exchange Rate:0.6591 (2.69% from mid-rate)
USD amount:652.51 USD
Total Cost:3.66%
Rate Fetched: website - Mon Aug 19 2019 16:03:05 GMT+0000 (UTC)
Currency Services:Branch
: 3/5.0

Banks - Average Rate

Travel Money AUD→USD
AUD amount:$1,000 AUD
Exchange Rate:0.6438 (4.95% from mid-rate)
USD amount:645.63 USD
Total Cost:4.68%
Currency Services:Branch
Bank of Melbourne: Travel Money AUD→USD
AUD amount:$1,000 AUD
Fee:A$15 AUD (Minimum fee)
Exchange Rate:0.6536 (3.5% from mid-rate)
USD amount:643.80 USD
Total Cost:4.95%
Rate Fetched: website - 16:47 Local
Currency Services:Branch
: /5.0
BankSA: Travel Money AUD→USD
AUD amount:$1,000 AUD
Fee:A$15 AUD (Minimum fee)
Exchange Rate:0.6536 (3.5% from mid-rate)
USD amount:643.80 USD
Total Cost:4.95%
Rate Fetched: website - 16:47 Local
Currency Services:Branch
: /5.0
Commonwealth Bank (CBA): Travel Money AUD→USD
AUD amount:$1,000 AUD
Fee:A$10 AUD (1%)
Exchange Rate:0.6472 (4.44% from mid-rate)
USD amount:640.73 USD
Total Cost:5.4%
Rate Fetched: website - Mon Aug 19 2019 16:02:02 GMT+0000 (UTC)
Currency Services:Branch
: 1.2/5.0
St George Bank: Travel Money AUD→USD
AUD amount:$1,000 AUD
Fee:A$15 AUD (Minimum fee)
Exchange Rate:0.6466 (4.53% from mid-rate)
USD amount:636.90 USD
Total Cost:5.96%
Rate Fetched: website - 16:47 Local
Currency Services:Branch
: 1/5.0
National Australia Bank (nab): Travel Money AUD→USD
AUD amount:$1,000 AUD
Exchange Rate:0.6412 (5.33% from mid-rate)
USD amount:634.79 USD
Total Cost:6.28%
Rate Fetched: website - 16:47 Local
Currency Services:Branch
: 2.1/5.0
Snapshot 08/19/2019 - See full table
Travelex currency exchange rates vs bank average

Travelex Australia Exchange Rates – Savings Tip – Order Travel Cash Online for Better Currency Rates

Travelex provides an extensive and convenient branch network for people who prefer to do their foreign exchange in person at the local branch or last minute at the airport. This convenience comes at a cost with higher exchange rate margins, however, these can be minimised by pre-ordering your foreign cash online for pickup at the Travelex branch or another convenient location.

Currency Airport Rate Online Rate Online Saving
USD 0.6957 0.7201 3.5%
EUR 0.5805 0.6066 4.5%
GBP 0.5185 0.5403 4.2%
JPY 74.7924 78.6816 5.2%
NZD 1.0083 1.0527 4.4%
Ordering Online Savings vs Airport (Rates for 02 Aug 2018)

The important thing to know here is that you can get better rates online than available in branch and especially at the airport.

Click on the link below to order your travel money online from Travelex and select to pick up at your foreign cash at your nearest located branch or even at the airport.

Order travel money online

Travelex logo Travelex Australia

Save money for your trip by ordering your foreign cash online from Travelex, you can still pickup your money in person at any Travelex branch.

Note a $10 collection fee applies for Travelex Australia foreign currency collections or Travelex home delivery orders that are under $AUD1,000.

Travelex AUD Exchange Rates

This table shows Travelex exchange rates for travel money. The percentages with the rates show how much margin is charged compared to the market mid-rate. The table is updated hourly, for the latest comparison goto our comparison calculator for Travel Money.

Travelex , 1AUD=Travel Money
AED - UAE dirham2.2862 (8.69%)
ARS - Argentine peso8.377 (342.76%)
ARS - Argentine peso34.0283 (9%)
BHD - Bahraini dinar0.2239 (13.89%)
BND - Brunei dollar0.8705 (4.96%)
BRL - Brazilian real2.4544 (12.31%)
CAD - Canadian dollar0.8312 (8.45%)
CHF - Swiss franc0.614 (8.14%)
CLP - Chilean peso433.8782 (11.25%)
CNY - Chinese yuan4.4054 (8.27%)
CZK - Czech Republic koruna14.1987 (10.93%)
DKK - Danish krone4.2042 (8.31%)
EGP - Egyptian pound9.4163 (19.26%)
EUR - Euro0.586 (4.2%)
FJD - Fijian dollar1.3425 (9.53%)
GBP - British pound sterling0.536 (4.05%)
HKD - Hong Kong dollar4.9403 (7.42%)
HRK - Croatian kuna4.0767 (10.44%)
HUF - Hungarian forint179.0048 (11.31%)
IDR - Indonesian rupiah8909.2305 (8.36%)
ILS - Israeli New Sheqel2.1621 (10.27%)
INR - Indian rupee41.5292 (16.74%)
ISK - Icelandic krona69.3911 (21.53%)
JPY - Japanese yen68.0455 (6.02%)
KRW - South Korean won739.6349 (10.91%)
KWD - Kuwaiti dinar0.1858 (10.76%)
LKR - Sri Lankan rupee107.0211 (12.07%)
MAD - Moroccan Dirham5.6382 (15.4%)
MOP - Macanese pataca4.7168 (15.87%)
MUR - Mauritian rupee22.0312 (10.71%)
MXN - Mexican peso12.0192 (11.82%)
MYR - Malaysian ringgit2.6128 (8.06%)
NOK - Norwegian krone5.6307 (7.87%)
NPR - Nepalese rupee62.6865 (23.23%)
NZD - New Zealand dollar1.0164 (3.85%)
OMR - Omani rial0.2352 (10.76%)
PGK - Papua New Guinean kina2.0728 (10.88%)
PHP - Philippine peso32.3534 (9.51%)
PKR - Pakistani rupee95.1776 (12.52%)
PLN - Polish zloty2.394 (11.4%)
QAR - Qatari rial2.2248 (10.71%)
RUB - Russian ruble38.8223 (16.69%)
SAR - Saudi riyal2.3576 (7.62%)
SBD - Solomon Islands dollar4.7921 (14.59%)
SEK - Swedish krona6.0346 (8.58%)
SGD - Singapore dollar0.8711 (7.68%)
THB - Thai baht19.2915 (8.18%)
TOP - Tongan paanga1.3802 (13.36%)
TRY - Turkish lira3.4088 (12.34%)
TWD - New Taiwan dollar19.1821 (10.62%)
USD - U.S. dollar0.6591 (2.64%)
VND - Vietnamese Dong13303.8485 (18.29%)
VUV - Vanuatu vatu71.8175 (9.6%)
WST - Samoan tala1.614 (10.68%)
XPF - CFP franc66.9673 (8.81%)
ZAR - South African rand9.5672 (9.33%)
Tue Aug 20, 2019 7:05 AEST
Travelex Exchange Rates (% margins to midrate)

Sending money abroad with Travelex

It is possible to send money abroad with Travelex however for better exchange rates we recommend for bank to bank transfers, it is always better to use a FX specialist:

Order foreign cash online for pick-up at your local Travelex branch or the airport – Save Time & Money.


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13 Reviews for “Travelex Exchange Rates Australia – BER Review”

  1. BER Team BER Team says:

    BER rates Travelex Australia 4 stars for exchange rates (when you order online) and 5 stars for the usability of their website and apps and 4 stars for customer service.

  2. Avatar jb56 says:

    “Have been using Travelex for the past 6 years and have always been more than happy with their service. I prefer to carry my money in the form of their Cash Passport, rather than monetary notes. Ordered most recently on Thursday evening via the Internet and the new Card arrived “loaded” on Saturday morning. The only drawback is, from what I can see, when you load an existing card of which I already have money remaining on from a previous holiday, they charge if loaded via Telephone or Internet. Therefore I just order a new Card/Cash Passport each time, to avoid this charge. More than happy with the service I receive.”

  3. Avatar sandra says:

    we used this company while we traveled to fiji they were the best as far as fees go. i ordered on line &picked up at sydney international very easy.

  4. Avatar Pradeep says:

    From my experience of about 14 years, Travelex offers the lowest rate. Only good for emergency cash on arrival of a new location.

    1. BER Admin BER Admin says:

      Hi Pradeep, the Travelex shown here is the Travelex Online rate which is much better than the rates available in their shops or at the airport.

      It’s best not to buy currency at airports in general where we agree you get the worst rates!

  5. Avatar Dario says:

    Pretty good however the ‘margin and fees’ went up from about 1.9% to 2.6% within a week, which now is close to Westpac for example so not as competitive any more

  6. Avatar RhondaS says:

    Used this service when travelling through Europe – very disappointed – whilst using it we could never get a balance and list of transactions. Since arriving home have tried on several occasions to cancel the card and get a refund. This has not occurred despite repeated requests and as each month we’ve had the $2 bank charges out of the balance, there’s hardly no money left. Never again

  7. Avatar DpNar says:

    Ok… honestly, who writes all this comments? Travelex staff? I found online service better that their consultants. They can be mmmm…. Okay, no all of them but!
    Their customer service is very poor. Do your research people, you can find better companies around, and many of them not as popular can give you the perfect customer service you are looking for when spending your hard work earned money. Don’t just settle for pity service. Good rates can be found very easily. In my personal opinion Flight centre, student travel and scape travel can offer better, if you dont ask you don find out. Good luck!

  8. Avatar Mick59 says:

    Found Travelex through this site. Their online system was easy to navigate and I completed my transaction quickly. Received email verification of my transaction in a timely fashion and choose date of pickup to suit my needs. Received an email to pick up my cash much earlier than expected. Collected cash with minimal delay. Overall my experience was excellent and would highly recommend Travelex to anyone

  9. Avatar Sue says:

    Great rates but you can’t access the online balance from a tablet which makes it difficult to keep track of your money.

  10. Avatar Stan says:

    Beware fraudulent rate published for the Travelex currency buy rate as site says if you “change over AUD$2,000 equiv of USD, EUR, JPY or GBP for a 0.25% better rate.”
    Rate actually comes out as 0.13% better – false advertising. Travelex should be fined by the regulators

    1. BER Admin BER Admin says:

      Hi Stan,

      thanks for your comment, Just wondering how you came up with figure of 0.13% ?

      Looking at the current Travelex AUD/GBP rates of 0.5248 below $2K and 0.5261 above $2K

      (0.5261 – 0.5248) / 0.5248 = 0.002477 = 0.25%

      Please let us know if you think there is an error in our calculations.

  11. Avatar bob9 says:

    bought a travelex cash passport for my trip to europe via this site and very happy with it


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