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Travelex Exchange Rates New Zealand – BER Review

In this article we take a look at Travelex in New Zealand, their exchange rates and foreign currency services. Getting your travel money from the local Travelex branch is convenient but with a little planning (and ordering online) you can also save money for your next trip abroad.

Reviews Currency Exchange NZD Travelex
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Exchange Rates 4
Customer Service 5
Ease of Use 4

Travelex New Zealand Exchange Rates – How do they Compare?

Travelex branches in NZ are a one stop shop, providing tons of helpful services to help you prep for an overseas trip. Travelex Australia provides foreign currency exchange, travel money cards, traveller’s cheques and foreign money transfer to bank accounts or cash pickup.

Travelex NZ Currency Exchange Rates vs the Banks

This travel money comparison table shows how much you could save on your next travel money purchase by ordering online for Travelex pickup vs the Average Bank Rate. This example shows you the situation where you want to change $NZD 2,000 for foreign cash, note the margins are compared to the current market mid-rate.

Sending a LARGER foreign transfer? Shop-around with multiple providers: Get Quotes
Travel Money Providers
Ratings & Reviews
Amount USD($)Exchange RateFee NZDTotal CostCurrency ServicesDelivery/CollectDeal Links
Travelex Online NZ logo
674.00 USD
0.6740^2.01%Online order, Branch pickup, Home delivery2-3 days
ASB Bank Foreign Currency
ASB Bank logo
653.70 USD
20 USD
Banks - Average Rate
BNZ Bank logo ASB Bank logo TSB Bank logo
642.62 USD
31 USD
TSB Bank Foreign Currency
TSB Bank logo
639.34 USD
35 USD
BNZ Bank Foreign Currency
BNZ Bank logo
634.83 USD
39 USD
Travelex Online NZ: Travel Money NZD→USD
NZD amount:$1,000 NZD
Fee:$0 - No fees for Debit & Credit Cards
Exchange Rate:0.674 (2.01% from mid-rate)
USD amount:674.00 USD
Total Cost:2.01%
Rate Fetched: Fri Mar 22 2019 22:45:03 GMT+0000 (UTC)
Currency Services:Online order, Branch pickup, Home delivery
Delivery/Collect:2-3 days
: 4.3/5.0

ASB Bank logoASB Bank

ASB Bank: Travel Money NZD→USD
NZD amount:$1,000 NZD
Fee:$10 NZD (1%)
Exchange Rate:0.6603 (4% from mid-rate)
USD amount:653.70 USD
Total Cost:4.96%
Time:0:47 Local
Currency Services:Branch
: /5.0

Banks - Average Rate

Travel Money NZD→USD
NZD amount:$1,000 NZD
Fee:$10 NZD (1%)
Exchange Rate:0.6538 (4.94% from mid-rate)
USD amount:642.62 USD
Total Cost:6.57%
Currency Services:Branch

TSB Bank logoTSB Bank

TSB Bank: Travel Money NZD→USD
NZD amount:$1,000 NZD
Fee:$10 NZD (1%)
Exchange Rate:0.6458 (6.11% from mid-rate)
USD amount:639.34 USD
Total Cost:7.05%
Time:0:47 Local
Currency Services:Branch
: /5.0

BNZ Bank logoBNZ Bank

BNZ Bank: Travel Money NZD→USD
NZD amount:$1,000 NZD
Fee:$15 NZD (Minimum fee)
Exchange Rate:0.6445 (6.3% from mid-rate)
USD amount:634.83 USD
Total Cost:7.7%
Time:0:47 Local
Currency Services:Branch
: /5.0
Travelex currency exchange rates vs bank average

Travelex NZ Exchange Rates – Savings Tip – Order Travel Cash Online for Better Currency Rates

Travelex provides an extensive and convenient branch network for people who prefer to do their foreign exchange in person at the local branch or last minute at the airport. This convenience comes at a cost with higher exchange rate margins, however, these can be minimised by pre-ordering your foreign cash online for pickup at the Travelex branch or another convenient location.

The important thing to know here is that you can get better rates online than available in branch.

Click on the link below to order your travel money online from Travelex and select to pick up at your foreign cash at your nearest located branch or even at the airport.

Order travel money online

Travelex logo Travelex Australia

Save money for your trip by ordering your foreign cash online from Travelex, you can still pickup your money in person at any Travelex branch.

Note a $10 collection fee applies for Travelex Australia foreign currency collections or Travelex home delivery orders that are under $NZD1,000.

Sending money abroad with Travelex

It is possible to send money abroad with Travelex however for better exchange rates we recommend for bank to bank transfers, it is always better to use a FX specialist:

Order foreign cash online for pick-up at your local Travelex branch or the airport – Save Time & Money.


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  1. BER Team BER Team says:

    BER rates Travelex UK 4 stars for exchange rates (when you order online) and 5 stars for the usability of their website and apps and 4 stars for customer service.


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