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Travelex vs TravelMoneyOz – Exchange Rates

Travelex Australia Online Travel Money & Card

  • Order travel money online and save
  • Free home delivery for orders of $1000 AUD
  • Pick up at your local store or the airport
  • Load 10 currencies to the Travelex Money Card

To help you choose between Travelex and Travel Money Oz the following live exchange rates table shows who has the best exchange rate when ordering foreign currency online.


The exchange rates listed are what 1 Australian dollar will buy you with both providers. The percentages are how much you are being charged relative to the latest interbank or mid-market rate.

Note a higher rate (or a lower margin %) indicates a better rate is being offered.

Travelex , 1AUD=Travel Money
AED - UAE dirham2.4494 (7.17%)
ARS - Argentine peso8.377 (257.05%)
ARS - Argentine peso24.0657 (24.28%)
BHD - Bahraini dinar0.2371 (13.58%)
BND - Brunei dollar0.8991 (7.35%)
BRL - Brazilian real2.5517 (10.01%)
CAD - Canadian dollar0.9 (6.22%)
CHF - Swiss franc0.678 (6.99%)
CLP - Chilean peso428.7924 (10.37%)
CNY - Chinese yuan4.4421 (7.94%)
CZK - Czech Republic koruna14.6973 (11.18%)
DKK - Danish krone4.4199 (7.45%)
EGP - Egyptian pound11.4662 (7.18%)
EUR - Euro0.6098 (4.31%)
FJD - Fijian dollar1.4442 (5.56%)
GBP - British pound sterling0.5288 (4.01%)
HKD - Hong Kong dollar5.2897 (5.99%)
HRK - Croatian kuna4.2676 (10.9%)
HUF - Hungarian forint182.8658 (11.35%)
IDR - Indonesian rupiah9322.9868 (7.63%)
ILS - Israeli New Sheqel2.3097 (11.21%)
INR - Indian rupee42.8907 (15.67%)
JPY - Japanese yen76.4875 (4.64%)
KRW - South Korean won743.2849 (9.35%)
KWD - Kuwaiti dinar0.1961 (10.81%)
LKR - Sri Lankan rupee111.6465 (11.69%)
MAD - Moroccan Dirham5.9445 (15.72%)
MOP - Macanese pataca4.9915 (15.72%)
MUR - Mauritian rupee22.26 (11.68%)
MXN - Mexican peso12.1869 (10.28%)
MYR - Malaysian ringgit2.7349 (8.63%)
NOK - Norwegian krone5.624 (8.17%)
NZD - New Zealand dollar1.0308 (3.69%)
OMR - Omani rial0.2494 (10.3%)
PGK - Papua New Guinean kina2.1738 (11.33%)
PHP - Philippine peso33.1356 (11.54%)
PKR - Pakistani rupee89.6962 (13.05%)
PLN - Polish zloty2.446 (11.25%)
QAR - Qatari rial2.3594 (10.29%)
RUB - Russian ruble40.5393 (12.71%)
SAR - Saudi riyal2.4927 (7.51%)
SBD - Solomon Islands dollar4.9073 (18.27%)
SEK - Swedish krona6.1153 (8.77%)
SGD - Singapore dollar0.912 (6.24%)
THB - Thai baht21.3615 (6.41%)
TOP - Tongan paanga1.4328 (13.02%)
TRY - Turkish lira3.7168 (11.76%)
TWD - New Taiwan dollar20.0098 (10.15%)
USD - U.S. dollar0.6981 (2.38%)
VND - Vietnamese Dong14077.7299 (17.98%)
VUV - Vanuatu vatu73.4841 (8.11%)
WST - Samoan tala1.6687 (11.52%)
XPF - CFP franc69.6659 (8.96%)
ZAR - South African rand9.3187 (7.85%)
Fri Apr 19, 2019 10:05 AEST
Travelex vs Travel Money Oz Exchange Rates (% margins to midrate)


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