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Welcome to the BER Global Living site for US users of BER. Here we list useful guides and FX provider reviews plus market updates keep our customers aware of the latest USD exchange rates, charts and rate changes in the major US dollar cross currency pairs.

Popular Articles – USA

The US Dollar Currency

What do US dollar banknotes look like? Currently printed denominations are $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100. The following table shows the current design of the notes both front and reverse.   US dollar banknotes – front and reverse design (source Wikipedia)The currency is nicknamed the “green-back” as as you can see is […]

29 Jul, 2018 by BER Team

Best exchange rates sending money from USA

The holy grail when you send money abroad is finding an organisation that you can trust and one that offers the best exchange rates along with transparent, smart and straightforward customer service.

24 Jul, 2018 by BER Team


Money Transfer Provider Reviews

Review – OFX Money Transfers – December 2018

We take a look at OFX and review their exchange rates, service and ease of use plus user reviews.

8 Dec, 2018 by BER Team

Travelex United States

In this article we take a look at Travelex in the United States, their exchange rates and foreign currency services. Getting your travel money from the local Travelex branch is convenient but with a little planning (and ordering online) you can also save money for your next trip abroad. Travelex US Exchange Rates – How […]

21 Jul, 2018 by BER Team

Xoom Reviewed

We take a look at the Xoom service and check how good their exchange rates are.

2 Jul, 2018 by BER Team


US Dollar (USD) News and Updates

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Pound to Lose 25 Percent on Disorderly Brexit, Bank of England Warns
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