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    Send Money to China

    We save you time and money when transferring money to China by comparing providers to help you get the Best Service, Rates and Fees.


    Compare Online CNY Money Transfers

    Sending money to China can be an expensive business, more so if you aren’t even aware of all the hidden fees. Money transfer companies and banks profit by charging you fees and a normally hidden margin on the exchange rate.

    Using your Bank to make international wire transfer to China can be very expensive – often 5% to 10% worse than using a foreign exchange specialist to send to a Chinese bank account or pay a Renminbi invoice.

    We make it easy to save money by making these fees and exchange rates easier to see and compare.



    Top Transfer to China Providers

    When choosing a provider to send money to China finding the best currency rate is generally everyone’s number one factor. Other important criteria to also consider are transfer speed, delivery options (bank transfer or cash pickup), customer service, mobile apps and extra fees.

    You can read more about Currency Transfer and Travel Tips for China in our China FX guide.















    Latest Chinese renminbi trend

    USD to CNY is at 90-day lows near 7.0725, 2.5% below its 3-month average of 7.2516, having traded in a very stable 3.8% range from 7.0725 to 7.3438
    90-DAY LOW
    1 USD = 7.0718 CNY
    Sell USD  →  Buy CNY
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    Is the Chinese renminbi expected to go up or down?

    This is always a difficult question as exchange rates are influenced by many factors, so a good method to consider the Chinese renminbi current value is to look the CNY performance against a range of other currencies over various time periods.

    The following table looks at the performance of the CNY exchange rate against other currencies over time periods from the previous 2 days back to the last 5 years.