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    Compare European Central Bank Exchange Rates

    Exchange Rates aren't all the same! Its hard to predict the currency markets but you can always save money by comparing European Central Bank margins and fees to those charged by your bank or FX provider.

    European Central Bank

    The European Central Bank (ECB) is the official central bank for all countries that use the euro as their domestic fiat currency.

    The role of all central banks is to preserve the value of money by keeping inflation low and stable. They do this by controlling the interest rate at which banks can borrow.

    Interest rates, inflation, and exchange rates are all intrinsically linked. When the ECB manipulates interest rates this impacts both the inflation in the Euro-zone and also the relative value of the euro compared to other currencies.

    ECB Recent Interest Rate Decisions:

    In July the ECB raised its benchmark deposit rate by 50 basis points to 0 per cent — the first time the rate has not been negative since 2014.

    Read our guide to the Relationship between Interest Rates and Currencies.

    Exchange rates published by Central Banks such as the European Central Bank are the latest interbank mid-market exchange rates, here are some of the most popular EUR exchange rates:

    Euro to US dollar

    EUR to USD at 1.0239 is 1.6% below its 90-day average 1.0406 with range 1.0020-1.0778.
    EUR to USD
    US dollar to Euro

    USD to EUR at 0.9766 is 1.6% above its 90-day average 0.9614 with range 0.9278-0.9980.
    USD to EUR
    Euro to Pound Sterling

    EUR to GBP at 0.8467 is just 0.5% below its 90-day average 0.8511 with range 0.8357-0.8681.
    EUR to GBP
    Pound Sterling to Euro

    GBP to EUR at 1.1812 is just 0.5% above its 90-day average 1.175 with range 1.1519-1.1966.
    GBP to EUR
    Euro to Australian dollar

    EUR to AUD at 1.4690 is 1.6% below its 90-day average 1.4933 with range 1.4579-1.5301.
    EUR to AUD
    Euro to Canadian dollar

    EUR to CAD at 1.3184 is 1.5% below its 90-day average 1.3384 with range 1.3036-1.3760.
    EUR to CAD
    Euro to United Arab Emirates dirham

    EUR to AED at 3.7609 is 1.6% below its 90-day average 3.8222 with range 3.6803-3.9589.
    EUR to AED
    Euro to Indian rupee

    EUR to INR at 81.41 is just below its 90-day average 81.76 with range 79.77-83.58.
    EUR to INR
    Euro to Russian ruble

    EUR to RUB at 61.88 is just 0.9% below its 90-day average 62.42 with range 54.82-71.10.
    EUR to RUB
    Euro to New Zealand dollar

    EUR to NZD at 1.6218 is 1.7% below its 90-day average 1.6495 with range 1.6197-1.6868.
    EUR to NZD

    You Can Save Money when you Compare European Central Bank Exchange Rate Margins & Fees

    The below comparison table makes it easy to calculate the Total Cost you are being charged on your currency transaction versus European Central Bank market mid-rates. It is easy to calculate any savings available from popular market-leading FX providers.


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