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HKD Charts - Historical Exchange Rates

The below interactive chart dashboard shows the Hong Kong dollar (HKD) historical exchange rates against the most popular currencies for a range of periods from 2 days to 3 years.

You can see charts for all available currency pairs here on our mid-rate calculator.

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Hong Kong dollar (HKD) in the markets

In March, the Hong Kong dollar weakened to the extreme of its allowed trading range, at 7.85 per US dollar, marking the point at which the Hong Kong Monetary Authority must step in to defend the currency.

The Hong Kong dollar has fallen to multi-decade lows due to a widening of the US-Hong Kong interest rate differential. Despite the HKMA raising interest rates in step with the US Federal Reserve, rates paid on Hong Kong dollars have remained low over the past fifteen months due to abundant liquidity in Hong Kong’s financial system; meanwhile, rates paid on US dollars have risen steadily. For large investors, this provides an incentive to exchange (sell) borrowed Hong Kong dollars for higher-yielding US dollars.

Due to Hong Kong’s sizeable foreign exchange reserves, which are among the largest in the world, a speculative attack on the USD/HKD peg is unlikely.

In March, the Hong Kong dollar also stood close to long-term lows against both the Japanese yen and euro.

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