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Swedish Krona to Turkish Lira - Convert Compare Save

The total cost you are charged by your foreign exchange provider consists of the margin from the mid-rate offered plus any fixed or percentage fees. These margins and fees vary significantly for International Money Transfers and Travel Money transactions as shown below.


SEK to TRY interbank exchange rate = 0.6325

This calculator converts amounts at the latest TRY/SEK mid-rate or enter a rate to check the exchange rate you are being offered or already charged.


SEK / TRY converter & margin calculator


Foreign Transfers Travel Money

Compare how much you can save on SEK/TRY exchange rates for:

Foreign Transfers

Swedish Krona

Turkish Lira

1 SEK 0.6325 TRY
5 SEK 3.1625 TRY
10 SEK 6.3250 TRY
20 SEK 12.65 TRY
50 SEK 31.63 TRY
100 SEK 63.25 TRY
250 SEK 158.13 TRY
500 SEK 316.25 TRY
1,000 SEK 632.50 TRY
2,000 SEK 1,265.00 TRY
5,000 SEK 3,162.50 TRY
10,000 SEK 6,325.00 TRY
50,000 SEK 31,625.00 TRY
100,000 SEK 63,250.00 TRY
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Swedish Krona

Turkish Lira

1.5811 SEK 1 TRY
7.9055 SEK 5 TRY
15.81 SEK 10 TRY
31.62 SEK 20 TRY
79.06 SEK 50 TRY
158.11 SEK 100 TRY
395.28 SEK 250 TRY
790.55 SEK 500 TRY
1,581.10 SEK 1,000 TRY
3,162.20 SEK 2,000 TRY
7,905.50 SEK 5,000 TRY
15,811.00 SEK 10,000 TRY
79,055.00 SEK 50,000 TRY
158,110.00 SEK 100,000 TRY
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SEK/TRY - Historical Trends

This table shows historic rates and trends of Swedish Krona to Turkish Lira over periods upto 10 years.

1 Day0.628819 May 2019
1 Week0.632913 May 2019
1 Month0.624820 Apr 2019
6 Months0.589121 Nov 2018
1 Year0.513520 May 2018
5 Years0.319221 May 2014
10 Years0.205722 May 2009

You can use our SEK interactive charts to check SEKTRY historic trends.

Outlook and forecasts for SEK and TRY

Whenever you are researching a particular exchange rate you are actually interested in two currencies as exchange rates are the ratio between two currencies.

So it follows that if you are determining the best time to transact, in this case the SEK vs TRY, you should pay attention to the forecasts and trends for both Swedish Krona and Turkish Lira:


Swedish Krona (SEK) outlook

2019 has been something of a shocker for the Swedish krona. The currency is the worst performing major currency by some margin, confounding the forecasts of analysts which suggested it would be among the best now that Sweden’s central bank has commenced with a policy tightening cycle (in December it hiked interest rates for the first time in seven years).

Between January and March-8, the krona lost 7 percent of its value against the dollar and slipped to a record low of kr9.5; it also lost 5 percent against the euro, to kr10.65—a six-month low. The krona weakened along with expectations for future Riksbank hikes, which themselves were dented as evidence of a global economic slowdown piled up.

Fortunately for those holding krona, in the week leading up to this report (March-17), the krona was especially strong, making back roughly 40 percent of the aforementioned losses. The rally was driven by speculation that the Riksbank would intervene in the market to strengthen the currency.

“We reiterate our bearish view on the krona,” ING said in February, and “we don't rule out a [EUR/SEK] convergence towards 11.00”—that’s a rate not seen in a decade.


Turkish Lira (TRY) outlook

In the second half of April, the lira slipped to its weakest level in 6 months against the dollar, at ₺5.83. It was 11.5 percent lower than its strongest level from January, but was 21.5 percent higher than its 2018 low (2018 was a crisis year for the lira).

In April, Turkey described a reform package aimed at lifting the economy out of recession. The package included billions injected into banks, reduced tax exemptions, lower corporate tax rates and a crackdown on the shadow economy; however, ratings agencies did not see many positives in the plans due to inadequate details.

TradingEconomics.com sees the lira quoted 5 percent weaker against the dollar in April 2020, at ₺6.14.

Why can't I just get the SEK/TRY market rate I see online or in the media?

The SEK/TRY mid-rate is the rate you will see quoted online or the news, nobody except the largest banks and businesses can get exchange rates close to this mid-rate. It is actually just the theoretical half-way point (hence mid-rate) between the last rate at which the SEK / TRY was traded (bought or sold) in the international markets.

Getting a good market rate is mainly about timing however the transaction margin you end up being charged can be considerably reduced by around a few percent (of total amount being exchanged) for travel money and possibly over 5% to 6% when sending money. The exact potential savings depends on the currencies being exchanged and the amount you are transferring and if you are willing to shop around.

Our real-time foreign transfer and travel money/cards comparison calculators make shopping around easy and help you calculate how much you can save.

We help you Compare & Save Money on Exchange Rates.


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