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Check the Trend - Interactive THB/EUR Chart

At 0.029563 THB/EUR was trading near its 90 day average with period range 0.028898 to 0.030048. ALERT: THB/EUR has dropped to a 30-DAY LOW. Updated: 08:06-AEDT 22:06-BST 17:06-EDT
THB/EUR - 90 Day  

You can compare the actual THB/EUR rates currently available from banks and FX specialists and also review currency news and forecasts in our THB/EUR Rate Guide.

THB/EUR - Thai Baht to Euro - Historical Trends

1 Day0.029814 Oct 2019
7 Day0.030008 Oct 2019
30 Day0.029615 Sep 2019
3 Month0.028817 Jul 2019
1 Year0.026415 Oct 2018
5 Year0.024116 Oct 2014
10 Year0.020117 Oct 2009

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