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Azimo Reviewed

Azimo have created a way to send money that suits how people live today – online, mobile and social.

Born out of frustration at the money transfer industry. So much waste, cost and poor customer service. Set up by a super hard-working team, who have created a better way to send money overseas.

One advantage with Azimo is that you can quickly send upto 900 GBP per month from your credit card or bank transfer without any ID documentation requirements. Higher monthly limits are granted once you send in your driver’s license or passport scanned image.

Send Money now with Azimo

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5 Reviews for “Azimo Reviewed”

  1. Avatar Juan says:

    I use often this service in order to send money to Argentina. The exchange rates are very good.

  2. Avatar Louise says:

    The website is clear and simple and it’s good value!

  3. Avatar Chris says:

    Azimo is very user friendly and quick to use. I would definitely recommend it.

  4. Avatar Calum says:

    Azimo is simple to use, cheap and very quick. A fantastic product I’d highly recommend.

  5. Avatar Alison says:

    Azimo is simple and easy to use – also very quick – I have used twice and would not hesitate to recommend to family and friends.

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