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BankWest rates

Dear fxadmin

Thankyou for your helpful website.

I would like to draw your attention to the Bankwest advertised rates .

My wife visited the George Street store to exchange $5000  for euros & they advised you needed to be a customer to exchange , not a problem for us we have an account .

Bankwest advised that she needed to visit the office in Castlereagh street to do the exchange.

She was advised that they would need to order in the currency & it could take a week (but could not guarantee the rate)

I just don’t think Bankwest should be promoted for fx if they can’t deliver on their advertised rate.

This makes your website which should be a very good source of consumer information effectively useless.

We ended up exchanging elsewhere, no great problem,  but I felt I needed to pass this on.


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  1. Avatar fxadmin says:

    hi Mark, we stopped promoting Bankwest as the best rate for major currencies due to the reasons highlighted by another user above.
    However to prevent confusion we will re-instate the Bankwest rates along with the warning as follows:

    “^ Note you must be an existing Bank West customer to trade Foreign Exchange with them, and they may need to order foreign notes and won’t guarantee rates.”

    Bankwest have notified us that they are in the process of improving their Forex offering so perhaps in future we will be able to remove the warning!

    the team @ BER

  2. Avatar Mark says:

    I have noticed over the last month or so that your chart showing the best rates is somewhat inaccurate.

    Today for example the USD best rate for notes buying is shown as .9679 from ANZ when in actual fact the best rate is .9789 from BANKWEST ..

    If you use the link next to the rates for bankwest you will see this..

    I do notice that the best NOK rate is correctly shown as 5.6448 from BANKWEST which is from the same bankwest rate sheet showing the USD rate of .9789 as at 0430wst today.

    You provide an excellent site but it is not much good if you have to literally go to every bank website yourself to compare rates.

    THis makes your rate comparison meaningless..

    Can i suggest that someone checks the rates before publishing the tables so as not to mislead.

    I would appreciate your comments.

    Kind Regards


  3. Avatar admin says:

    We no longer show BankWest as the selected Best Rate due to the reasons highlighted by a very helpful user above, however we have left the Bank West rates in the quote list for reference purposes.

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