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    Bitso Transfer Review

    We review the exchange rates of Bitso Transfer that lets you send and receive money between friends. Fast and easy, without any fees.

    Review Updated: Oct 18, 2021

    Bitso Transfer – Reviewed and Compared

    Launched in 2014, Bitso was the first cryptocurrency exchange in Mexico and the leading crypto-exchange in South America.

    Bitso’s products have a strong focus on ease of use, which has helped drive the adoption of cryptocurrency among a broad audience including retail consumers, traders and institutional customers.

    The Bitso remittance product is called ‘Bitso Transfer’ and lets you Send Transfers between USD MXN ARS & BRL via Bitcoin and Stablecoin.

    What is Bitso?

    Bitso is a financial services platform powered by blockchain technology. Buy, sell and store bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

    How do I send a Bitso Transfer?

    Send a Bitso Transfer in 5 minutes from our app or web app.

    1. Enter the amount you want to send.
    2. Type in the email or phone number of your friend.
    3. Write a message.

    Is Bitso Transfer free?

    Bitso Transfer has no fixed fees and the exchange rate margin is generally around 0.5%.

    You will also pay fees buying the Bitcoin or Stablecoin to transfer into your Bitso Wallet.

    Which Crypto currencies does Bitso support?

    The Bitso wallets included Bitcoin, Ether, XRP, Litecoin, Dai, ether, BAT, MANA, Bitcoin Cash, True USD and more coming soon.

    How cheap in Sending Money with Bitso Transfer?

    It is cheap for smaller amounts (under $1000). As an example table below compare sending $250 USD to Mexican peso using Bitso Transfer.

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