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HiFX Money Transfer Review

HiFX is a trusted money transfer provider, but how do their foreign transfers compare for rates and service?

On the 26th January 2019, HiFX will join forces with XE – a familiar and trusted brand. By bringing our two companies together, we are combining XE’s 25 years of authority in currency exchange and HIFX’s comprehensive range of currency transfer services.

Clients should continue to use their HiFX account as normal, they’ll be able to log into their XE account from January 31st 2019.

6 Reviews for “HiFX Money Transfer Review”

  1. Avatar simon ashdown says:

    rubbish. they are dodgy. the worst service I have ever come across. Nobody talks any sense. Beware if you ever go on holiday or leave the UK because they will suspend your account. An international payments company that requires you to be in the UK 365 days a year. Nobody ever answers the phone or email. Cant stand this company

  2. Avatar Chris says:

    What they do not explain when you sign up is that they have to verify you, this I understand is normal practise with all transfer companies but they make it sound as if its instant. Do not just sign up as I did and transfer your money to them expecting your transfer to happen there and then ! My advice is, set up your account with them, and wait until they advise you that you have been verified, then transfer the money to them and not before!

  3. Avatar HK says:

    My international bank’s terrible currency conversion rates finally propelled me to use an exchange service. I checked out several, and some made me frankly nervous. Hi FX personnel are great to work with and the company performs quickly and flawlessly. Most importantly, the exchange rates are competitive and the transactions are secure and safe.

  4. Avatar Kelly says:

    Great costumer service and easy on time transactions very happy.

  5. Avatar Robert says:

    I have been using HIFX services for some years now and have always found them to be reliable, fast and efficient. On the rare occassion that I have needed to contact them in either the US or UK their customer service personnel have been friendly and very helpful. HIFX you fully deserve your obvious success.

  6. Avatar Jerry says:

    Getting the account set up and verified was somewhat of a problem. However once that was completed things went smooth and quick. I plan to send on a monthly basis and can better judge HiFX performance after a few more transactions. Hope things go smoothly without any hitches. Thanks


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