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Lloyds Bank Exchange Rates

In this article we take a look at Lloyds Bank and examine how Lloyds exchange rates & international money transfer services compare to other options available to you.

Exchange Rates 1.5
Customer Service 1
Ease of Use 1

Online International Payments with Lloyds

There are two ways for Lloyds customers to Send Online Money Transfers these are via the Currency Internet Banking platform or within Sterling Internet Banking.

Both these services are available 24/7. However Lloyds only process the payments during normal banking hours so if your rate was not booked then the final rate may differ depending on the market.

Lloyds Currency Internet Banking

You can make international money transfers online via Currency Internet Banking. This service is for any of these international accounts:

– International current account in Euros and US Dollars.
– Savings accounts in all currencies (Bonus Saver and Incentive Saver). Penalties may apply, depending on account withdrawal restrictions.

The fine print:
You can send up to £30,000 – or currency equivalent – a day to almost anywhere in the world. There is a limit of £10,000 per payment.
For larger amounts up to £100K (currency equivalent) it is possible to give an instruction over the phone

Lloyds Sterling Internet Banking

Send from £1.01 up to £100,000 per day via Internet Banking.


Lloyds Exchange Rates – Are you getting a good deal?

If you are a Lloyds customer and looking to send money overseas through an International Money Transfer (IMT) or get some travel money, you can use the comparison table snapshot below for an indication of how Lloyds Bank exchange rates compare to alternative FX providers.


The transfer charge you pay depends on the amount of money you send and how you send it:

Lloyds state that they won’t charge you extra fixed fees for transferring money overseas online. However, the true cost is in the exchange rate margin (see comparison table above) plus any correspondent and recipient bank charges.

Extra Fees for Branch and Telephone
– less than £5,000 = £20
– £5,000 or over = £35

Please note that the opinions of our authors are their own and do not reflect the opinion of Best Exchange Rates and should not be taken as a reference to buy or sell any financial product.

5 Reviews for “Lloyds Bank Exchange Rates”

  1. Avatar Nurul Islam Khan says:

    I do not think bank give good exchange rate at present.

  2. Avatar Rick Bland says:

    The online banking works smoothly and without issues for my experiences over the past few years. The ease & assurance of sending large amounts of money overseas is world class. The rate is 2 points lower than the market rate . However I’m will to accept this for the convenience of sending money when suits my schedule ( UK-USA experiences).

  3. Avatar Gary says:

    Lloyd’s bank are a joke with foreign exchange and don’t care about the customer or business. I receive my salary in USD and receive over 10,000 USD per month. The exchange rate they use is normally about 4% from bank rates. I asked if they could help me out with the rates as other companies are charging approx 0.5% for exchanging USD to sterling, and the bank manager couldn’t be less helpful, basically said they were not prepared to do anything, so when I advised that I would be using a different service to change my salary to GBP, they were completely unmoved, really couldn’t care was the attitude! The upshot is I get 4,000 GBP more in my pocket per year! They don’t deserve customers with an attitude like that!

  4. Avatar jjames says:

    Lloyds TSB offshore IOM is an absolute disgrace. They can’t change my address, they can’t cancel a standing order, they can’t set up a new standing order, they wont set up telephone banking for me, they wont recognize my identity. it seems that they have got my money and are making damn sure I cant touch it. Tell me how or who can I complain too?

  5. Avatar unhappy customer says:

    having banked offshore with lloyds tsb for two years not really using them for anything apart from the odd payment here and there, I began calling them more frequently as purchase date loomed on my property in italy. then innumerable calls to phone banking, pathetic service from teenagers much of the time, no guarantees on when monies would actually be available in the offshore or onshore accounts, and to top it off, an inexplicable 24 hour delay before euro funds were available on my visa debit card from when my salary was paid in. I asked to log a complaint and was told that it would be done, but only a generic sorry letter would be sent out to me. goodbye lloyds tsb, the unnecessarily long and infantile internet and phone banking set up process that everyone has complained about is truly not worth it.


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