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Travel Money Oz – BER Review

Travel Money Oz has 130+ stores across Australia that stay open late and on weekends, 24x7 online orders and friendly phone service available. Offering 60+ currencies to buy and sell, travel money cards, international transfers and travel insurance.

Travel Money Oz – Foreign Cash

Order Online for better rates and pickup in-store, with Travel Money Oz online orders are fee and commission-free. The rates shown are online sell rates. Instore rates may differ. Minimum order amount is AUD $500 and maximum is AUD $10,000 (foreign currency equivalent) per order.

PLEASE NOTE: A card surcharge of up to 1% will apply to online orders should you select to pay by Credit card.

How you pay will affect how soon you can pick up your order in-store. Need your cash in a hurry? Pay by debit/credit card and collect at a Travel Money Oz store (Min. 3 business days required).

If you can wait 5 business days, then select BPAY and save yourself up to 1% credit card surcharge.

Credit Card Surcharge: You can choose to pay for your online order by MasterCard or Visa credit card, however, a card surcharge of up to 1% of the total order amount is payable, as charged by the Card Merchant. In addition, your card issuer may also charge a separate cash advance fee.

Travel Money Oz – Currency Pass (Travel Card)

Travel Money Oz - Currency Pass

With your Travel Money Oz Currency Pass you can load up to 10 currencies – USD, EUR, GBP, NZD, CAD, HKD, JPY, SGD, THB & AUD onto your card.

Lock in your exchange rate – the day you load your currency, your spending money is set at that rate.

Use it globally – wherever Mastercard is accepted, your card is accepted; including at ATMs.

Travel Money Oz Exchange Rates

This table shows Travel Money Oz exchange rates for travel money. The percentages with the rates show how much margin is charged compared to the market mid-rate. The table is updated hourly, for the latest comparison goto our comparison calculator for Travel Money.

Travel , 1AUD=Travel Money
AED - UAE dirham2.4612 (13.38%)
BHD - Bahraini dinar0.2284 (25.39%)
BND - Brunei dollar0.8976 (13.59%)
BRL - Brazilian real2.5373 (72.22%)
CAD - Canadian dollar0.9008 (6.44%)
CHF - Swiss franc0.667 (5.35%)
CLP - Chilean peso448.954 (20.75%)
CNY - Chinese yuan4.0071 (24.15%)
CZK - Czech Republic koruna14.3775 (15.6%)
DKK - Danish krone4.1862 (13.47%)
EUR - Euro0.6133 (4.14%)
FJD - Fijian dollar1.4529 (7.17%)
GBP - British pound sterling0.5331 (3.86%)
HKD - Hong Kong dollar5.5726 (5.97%)
HRK - Croatian kuna3.8047 (27.07%)
HUF - Hungarian forint182.857 (25.67%)
IDR - Indonesian rupiah9914.54 (12.23%)
ILS - Israeli New Sheqel1.9829 (26.56%)
INR - Indian rupee47.6316 (20.28%)
JPY - Japanese yen79.7361 (4.28%)
KRW - South Korean won739.467 (15.5%)
KWD - Kuwaiti dinar0.1809 (26.7%)
LKR - Sri Lankan rupee121.898 (25.57%)
MOP - Macanese pataca4.5533 (33.58%)
MUR - Mauritian rupee24.0152 (27.63%)
MXN - Mexican peso13.2579 (15.7%)
MYR - Malaysian ringgit2.9596 (6.14%)
NOK - Norwegian krone5.7005 (14.12%)
NZD - New Zealand dollar1.0467 (3.45%)
OMR - Omani rial0.2289 (27.79%)
PGK - Papua New Guinean kina2.1362 (25.45%)
PHP - Philippine peso31.5108 (17.23%)
PKR - Pakistani rupee91.7967 (26.59%)
PLN - Polish zloty2.292 (27.29%)
QAR - Qatari rial2.1868 (26.48%)
RUB - Russian ruble43.9814 (33.4%)
SAR - Saudi riyal2.5432 (12.02%)
SBD - Solomon Islands dollar4.7017 (28.9%)
SEK - Swedish krona5.7857 (12.72%)
SGD - Singapore dollar0.9624 (6.05%)
THB - Thai baht22.328 (7.49%)
TOP - Tongan paanga1.4479 (19.99%)
TRY - Turkish lira4.4939 (37.5%)
TWD - New Taiwan dollar18.2543 (18.55%)
USD - U.S. dollar0.741 (2.52%)
VND - Vietnamese Dong14517.9 (20.68%)
VUV - Vanuatu vatu63.9109 (30.18%)
WST - Samoan tala1.6267 (18.21%)
XPF - CFP franc62.6274 (21.69%)
ZAR - South African rand10.1997 (9.22%)
Tue Apr 13, 2021 22:05 AEST
Travel Money Oz Exchange Rates (% margins to midrate)

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  1. Avatar Collin Flavell says:

    I have shopped around when planning to purchase foreign currencies for holidays and I have (almost) always found Travel Money Oz to offer the most competitive rates.
    Both the electronic platform and their shopfront staff are very easy and comfortable to deal with.


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