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TransferWise: Travel Card USD→EUR
From Amount (USD)U$1,000
Exchange Rate:0.8955 (-0.5% from mid-rate)
To Amount (EUR)895.50
Total Cost:0.5%
Card Facts/Fees:
Time:12:00 Local
Currency Services:Multi-currency debit card with linked foreign bank accounts
Delivery/Collect:5-7 days
: 4.6/5.0
Snapshot 01/17/2020 - See full table

Also known as cash passports, these cards allow you load money onto them before your trip or while you are away via phone or over the internet. You can use them to make purchases and foreign cash withdrawals from ATMs. They are safer than taking actual cash as they also have credit card-like security with pin number access.

The three main advantages of using a prepaid travel card are:

  • Timing - Buy the foreign currency to take advantage of favourable exchange rates
  • Cheaper - The exchange rates are better than using cash or your normal card and have low or zero ATM fees
  • Secure - They are much safer than carrying cash and more secure than using your usual credit card

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