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Joel Wright  Author: Joel Wright

Joel has been involved in the markets for more than a decade. During this time he’s worked in market analysis teams in London, in the financial technology sector in Singapore, and most recently he’s planned FX hedging strategies for SMEs in Bangkok. Joel currently writes about foreign exchange for several global businesses.


Banks Charge Small Customers 25 Times More for FX, Research Shows

New research from the European Central Bank shows that banks charge smaller customers up to 25 times more for FX forward transactions and that those who fail to compare providers pay 14 times more for FX than those that do.

Australia Cuts Interest Rates to Record Low

RBA Australian dollar AUD currency news and forecasts

The RBA has cut Australian interest rates to a record low of 1 percent in an effort to boost inflation. The Australian dollar is slightly stronger following the widely expected decision but is expected to lose 5–7 percent of its value before year-end.

GBP’s Bright Start to the Year Is a Distant Memory

The British pound was the worst-performing major currency in the April-June period and remains “impossible to forecast” amid a Tory leadership battle that might force "no deal” or a general election.

Australians Swerve Thai Holidays with Exchange Rates in the Gutter

With AUD-THB at a 10-year low, Australians travelling this year to Thailand's wildly popular resorts are facing holiday costs 50 percent higher than those paid in 2012. With exchange rates as they are, those in Oz are choosing better-value destinations.

Canadian Dollar in the Spotlight After Surging to 16-Week High

Lifted by oil, economic data and the Fed, the Canadian dollar has soared against the US dollar to a 16-week high and has reached even more impressive milestones against the pound, euro and Australian dollar.

TransferWise Gets Malaysian Remittance Licence

No longer will Malaysians sending money overseas be subjected to grossly inflated exchange rates and unnecessary bank charges following news that TransferWise has been granted a remittance licence by Bank Negara.

Booming Commodities Can’t Save Australian Dollar

The Australian dollar is at or near multi-month lows against a number of major currencies in spite of a rampant iron ore market — once a great influence on AUD.

Sterling Nears 5-Month Low Versus Euro

The UK economy is shrinking, as is the pound, which is buying less than 1.12 euros for the first time since mid-January. Investors are becoming increasingly unsettled over Brexit, particularly with Boris Johnson a hot favourite to become the UK's next prime minister.

US Dollar at 10-Week Low After Payrolls Disappoint; Fed Rate Cuts Now a Certainty

Investors dumped the US dollar on Friday after US jobs data came in well short of estimates and cemented expectations for lower US interest rates. In the coming months, the greenback might maintain its value based on safe haven inflows and looser monetary policies in other parts of the world.

Fintech Money Transfers Up 2,500 percent in South Korea Last Year

The number of international money transfers handled by fintech providers in South Korea has grown 2,500 percent in little over a year, the country’s financial regulator has said.

Australia Cuts Interest Rates for the First Time in 3 Years

The Australian dollar remains stable in the high US$0.69s following the RBA’s decision on Tuesday to cut Australian interest rates to a record low of 1.25 percent.

Pound Could Be 10 Percent Higher at Year-End as No-Deal Brexit Risks Overblown

GBP Pound Sterling Brexit Deal on Financial Services

A “no deal” Brexit remains highly unlikely according to experts at Goldman Sachs and ING, and as such the pound is grossly undervalued and could rise strongly from current levels.

SGD, MYR at 6-Month Lows After Singapore, Malaysia Added to U.S. Currency Watchlist

The currencies of Malaysia and Singapore were trading at 6-month lows against the dollar on Wednesday following news that the US had added the Southeast Asian nations to its watchlist of suspected currency manipulators.

Westpac Cuts Australian Dollar Forecasts, Expects Interest Rates to Halve This Year

The struggling Australian dollar will lose a further 5 percent of its value against the US dollar and pound before the year is out, and 3 percent against the euro and New Zealand dollar, Westpac predicted on Friday.

Revolut Adds Group-Saving Feature

This week saw the addition of a group-saving feature in Revolut. “Group Vaults” are an extension of popular Vault functionally that Revolut introduced last year.

Expensive Holidays for Brits After Pound Slips for Record 13th Day; What Next?

The British pound fell on Wednesday for a record thirteenth consecutive day against the euro. The currency is taking a Brexit-induced beating days before May’s half-term school break — a popular time in the UK for family holidays.

Banks Fined €1.1 Billion for Currency Manipulation

Five banks have been fined a collective €1.07 billion by the European Commission for running a “cartel” that manipulated foreign exchange rates for financial gain.

Sterling in Trouble: Eighth Day of Losses Takes GBP to 3-Month Low

The British pound fell on Wednesday towards a 3-month low against the euro and US dollar as attention turned back to Brexit and after lower-than-expected wage growth lessened prospects for a Bank of England rate hike.

Australian Dollar at 4-Month Low After China Announces Tariff Retaliation

The US-China trade war is hotting up and that’s bad news for the Australian dollar, which slipped on Monday to a 4-month low against the dollar, euro and yen.

Canadian Dollar Shockingly Undervalued, Analysts Say

The Canadian dollar might be worth considerably more towards the end of this year based on research by Scotiabank analysts who describe the currency as being “egregiously” undervalued.

Australian Dollar Leaps as RBA Stands Firm on Interest Rates

The RBA left interest rates on hold at 1.5 percent on Tuesday, spurring big gains for the Australian dollar, which had slipped beforehand to long-term lows against several major currencies. Roughly half of economists had expected rates to be cut by 25 basis points.

AUD/INR: A Perfect Storm for a Higher Exchange Rate

Seasonal weakness, election uncertainty, strong technical support and oil market complications should be more than sufficient to spur an AUD/INR rally into mid-year.

Consumers Throwing Away Billions on FX Fees (TransferWise Study)

As in the rest of the world, consumers in Singapore are being fleeced when it comes to foreign exchange costs, a study by TransferWise has revealed. Individuals in Singapore are being charged 15 times more on international payments than companies are, with S$2 billion lost in hidden FX fees annually.

British Pound in Great Form with Brexit Troubles Fading

Constructive Brexit talks between UK politicians have imparted a sense of renewed optimism that has lifted the British pound to a 2-week high against the dollar and to a 3-week high against the euro.

India Pursues Complete Ban on Digital Currencies

Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technologies that support them are at the forefront of remittance-industry innovations, but these are under attack in India, where a complete crypto ban will be proposed in May.

Dollar Turbocharged by Economic Data; At Long-Term High Versus Euro, Franc and Krona

Swiss Franc Slumps to 6-Month Low Versus Euro

8 Percent Drop Coming Soon for Australian Dollar; RBA “Wants a Weaker Currency”

SGD/MYR at 17-Month High; Ringgit Slumps on FTSE Index Deselection

Commodities Boom Will Take Australian Dollar to US$0.74

Brexit This Year Now a Toss-Up, Bookmakers Say; What Next for Pound?

Euro to Sink to US$1.08, Says ANZ

AUD/NZD at 10-Week High and “Likely to Run Higher From Here”

Bitcoin More Popular Than Visa, MasterCard for Large Payments; Recent Price Surge Only the Beginning (DataLight)

Get Ready for Sterling’s “Big Finish”; Australian Dollar at 2-Week Low

Banks Bet Against Aussie, Kiwi Dollar

TransferWise Announces PayNow Funding Option

Shocking Loss for New Zealand Dollar After RBNZ Says a Rate Cut Most Likely

Benign Brexit Outcome Most Likely; Pound to Strengthen, Says Bank of America

Revolut Steps Up Brexit Preparations

Australian Dollar: Last Week’s Price Action Suggests Further Declines

US Dollar Plunges After Fed Signals No Rate Hikes This Year

CBOE Ditches Bitcoin Futures Amid Reduced Interest

Canadian Dollar to Lose a Further 5 Percent, Will Soon Buy Only US$0.71 (TD Securities)

Australian Dollar Still Struggling; AUD/GBP at Lowest Since 2016

Pound Falls From 21-Month High After Doubts Cast on May’s “Legally Binding” Assurances

Australian Dollar, Euro Get Lift from “Too Bad to Be True” US Data

Revolut Introduces Auto Currency Exchange

Messaging Apps to Take Slice of Remittance Market Using Their Own Cryptocurrencies

“Witching Hour” Woes: Currency Traders Wary of Flash Crashes During Quietest Part of Day

Canadian Dollar Still Friendless After GDP; Fair Value Much Lower

JP Morgan: Aussie Dollar to Face Hard Times If No Let-Up in Housing Decline

Mega Bank Ends Cash Remittances

Sterling Leaps to 21-Month High on Prospects of Brexit Delay, Second Referendum

Australian, New Zealand Dollars Rise Most on Hopes for US-China Trade Deal

Revolut Readies Singapore Launch

Pound at 2-Week High Ahead of May-Juncker Brexit Meeting

Euro to Strike 20-Month Low This Week; $1.12 Beckons

China’s Ant Financial Acquires WorldFirst

New Zealand Dollar Jumps After RBNZ Says It Won’t Lower Interest Rates

Dollar Optimism Drives Markets

Cryptocurrencies Soar: Litecoin Gains 30 Percent

Tough Week for Australian Dollar as RBA Disappoints on Growth, Interest Rates

Pound Rejects Lower Prices After Bank of England Slashes Growth Forecast

Australian Dollar in the Headlines This Week; Latest RBA Forecasts Due

Canada’s Largest Crypto Exchange Files for Bankruptcy

Pound Reverses from 3-Month High After MPs Reject a Delayed Brexit

AUD Steady Ahead of Inflation, FOMC and Trade Talks

Investors Ditch US Dollar Ahead of Fed Meeting; GBP/USD at 15-Week High

Researchers Make Sweeping Cuts to Australian Dollar Forecasts

Euro Struggles on Increased Recession Risk; Rand Outlook Worsens After Central Bank Changes Tune on Interest Rates

Australian Dollar to Get “Crucified,” Analyst Says

Pound Fights Back on Hopes for Soft Brexit; Thai Baht at Long-Term Highs

Sterling at 7-Week High Ahead of Important Brexit Vote

Euro Fails in Breakout Attempt, Has Mixed Outlook in 2019

Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar to Outperform; Yuan at 5-Month High

Outlook for Singapore Dollar Is Bright; Swiss Franc Strong In Spite of Ultra-Loose SNB

USD Nears Peak; Oil Rebound to Send CAD Higher, INR to Record Low

Aussie Recovers Following “Flash Crash” but Downtrend Intact

The Yen Is Flying; AUD/JPY, CAD/JPY at Lowest Since 2016

Pound to Rebound Higher in 2019, Says SEB; No-Deal Brexit Unlikely

Undervalued Australian Dollar Higher in 2019 (CIBC); Franc, Yen at Multi-Month Highs on Haven Demand

Where Goes Bitcoin in 2019?

Stock Market Rout Sends Australian Dollar Tumbling

US Dollar Posts Worst Day in 7 Weeks After Fed Cuts Interest Rate Forecasts

Australian Dollar Lacks Inspiration Following RBA Minutes, Looks Cheap Versus CAD, JPY

US Dollar Strikes 18-Month High, Will Lose Value in 2019

AUD/USD Forecast at $0.75 in 3 Months’ Time; Potential for Extreme AUD/GBP Moves on Wednesday

Pound at 20-Month Low After PM Cancels Big Brexit Vote; UK Prepares for No-Deal

Big Bank Rolls the Dice on British Pound, Is a Buyer Ahead of Crucial Brexit Vote

Canadian Dollar the Star After Canada Adds 94k Jobs; Expect Bitcoin at $1,500

Canadian Dollar at Cheapest in 18 Months; Buy It Now Ahead of 2019 Rebound

More Good News for Aussie, Kiwi; Not So Great for Bitcoin

Pound to Lose 25 Percent on Disorderly Brexit, Bank of England Warns

USD Slumps as Fed Signals Less Rate Hikes Ahead; AUD, NZD to Benefit Most

Australian Dollar Worth 5 Percent More by Mid-2019 (CIBC)

Will the Swiss Franc Be Shaken by Populist Referendum?

Analysts Agree, Bitcoin to Fall Much Further from Here

Australian Dollar and Euro Heading Higher, Experts Say

US Dollar to Fall This Week; Thai Baht Under Threat Following Huge GDP Miss

Australian Dollar Threatens $0.73; Pound Plunges as Brexit Secretary Resigns

Investors Dump Cryptocurrencies; Bitcoin Falls $800 to 1-Year Low

Petro-Currencies Struggle Amid Oil Market Plunge

Euro Falls to 16-Month Low; Even Lower Prices Likely This Week

AUD, NZD Lead the Pack; No Imminent Recovery for CAD (SocGen)

Philippine Peso Is Back in Business but Downtrend to Resume, Thinks DBS

Hard to Bet Against USD Despite Midterms and Rough Start to November

Australian Dollar Outlook: Huge Gains Put an End to Technical Downtrend

GBP, AUD, NZD Jump as UK-EU Reach Deal on Financial Services

Dollar Strikes 16-Month High; Euro FX Down in the Dumps; Mexican Peso Falls Sharply

Experts Turn Bullish on Australian Dollar

Canadian Dollar Gets Interest Rate Boost; Rand Dips on Budget Disappointment

Manufacturing Weakness Creates Further Uncertainty for Sterling

Yuan Reaches New Low as Slowdown and Tariffs Bite; 7.0 to the Dollar Likely Next Year

AUD Downtrend to End with Close Above $0.72; Prepare for November USD Buying

Focus Turns to Europe Ahead of Big Brexit Meeting; Stay Long Euros; Krona Revived

Australian Dollar Steady Despite Risk Aversion, Sterling to Get Wild and Bitcoin Makes Its Move

Crypto Industry on the “Brink of Implosion,” Researchers Say

EUR/GBP at 3-Month Low; EUR/USD Much Higher Next Year

Higher Interest Rates Boost USD but Spell Trouble for Asia FX

Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar Plumb New Depths; AUD/CAD at 8-Year Low

“Avoid GBP,” Forecasters Say; Swiss Franc Volatility to Increase

Canadian Dollar’s Near-Vertical Rally Continues as US-Canada Reach Trade Deal

Australian Dollar Set for Double-Digit Rally; Will Be Worth 82 US Cents Next Year! (UBS)

Yen Falls to 9-Month Low and Era of Cheap Money Ends in Hong Kong

End of “Accommodative” Monetary Policy Sparks US Dollar Volatility

Bitcoin Ready for Massive Move but Which Way?

Australian Dollar Has Best Week in 9 Months; Sterling Has a Shocker

Time to Exchange British Pounds: Currency Is Under Siege Following Latest Brexit Deal Humiliation

Australian Dollar to Bounce Back Next Year; Investors Sense Buying Opportunity

What Next for the US Dollar?

Ruble Heading Higher After Surprise Rate Hike; Canadian Dollar Upside Limited, Warns MUFG

Relief in Emerging Market FX After Turkey Raises Interest Rates

More Upside Expected for Norwegian Krone

EUR/GBP Set for Big Move Lower on Impressive Technical Formation

Bitcoin Bloodbath After Goldman Sachs Scraps Plans for Crypto Trading Desk

AUD, CAD and NZD Continue to Fall

Rand Misery Piled On as South Africa Enters Recession

Australian Dollar at Lowest Since 2016

Frightening FX Losses in Argentina; SNB Might Intervene to Weaken Franc

Bitcoin to End 2018 “Explosively” on Emerging Market Recovery

Loonie Makes Most of US-Mexico Trade Deal but Will Struggle from Here, Says TD

Yuan Finds Stability After PBOC Policy Change

Euro to Get More Expensive After Terrific Week, Banks Warn

Bets Against IDR, SGD and INR Increase

Australian Dollar Hammered on Imminent PM Change

Thai Baht at 5-Month High After Dollar Stumbles on Trump Remarks

Stunning Inflation Print Makes CAD’s Day; MXN Firms on Trade Agreement Hopes

Westpac: Risks to the New Zealand Dollar Increase

Buy Bitcoin on Strength, Says Yale Study

Dollar and Yen Soar on Flight to Safety; Turkey Leads Turmoil in EM FX

Canadian Dollar at Multi-Month Highs; NZD/CAD Sinks to Lowest Since December

Australian Dollar Benefits from Sales and Export Data; RBA to Dominate Next Week

US Dollar on the March; Markets Yet to Price in Full Extent of Fed Hikes, Says SEB

FX Markets Subdued Despite Trump-EU Deal to Avoid a Trade War

Mexican Peso at 3-Month High Ahead of Important Trade Talks

Shock as Turkish Central Bank Stands Pat on Interest Rates; Lira Plunges

Yen Is Star Performer, Yuan Devalued and Bitcoin Finds a Bottom

Swiss Franc Overvalued but Bearable, Says Finance Minister; Is Heading to 1.22 Versus Euro

Yen Weakness Persists and New Zealand Dollar Jumps on Inflation

NZD Outlook: Inflation Data to Set the Tone for the Coming Months

Rupee Has Best Day Since 2016 and More Strength Likely

Yuan and Australian Dollar Hit by Latest Round of US Tariffs

USD/CAD to Trade at 1.35 on Interest Rate Surprise

Swedish Krona On Course for Fourth Day of Gains

Double-Digit Fall for the Australian Dollar a Possibility, Says Money Manager

Dollar Soars and Euro Tanks as Central Banks Plot Different Paths

Rand at Six-Month Low but Predicted Higher by Year-End

New Zealand Dollar Heading to US$0.64

Danske Bank: Euro Upside Limited, No Return to the 1.20s Near Term

Bitcoin Loses Its Sparkle and Mexican Peso at 15-Month Low

Baht to Trade at 30 to the Dollar, Predicts Bank of Ayudhya

Will It Be a Sweet or Sour June for the US Dollar?

Indian Rupee Ends the Week with a Bang

Trump Slaps Tariffs on Allies but Calm Prevails Ahead of US Jobs Data

Canadian Dollar Jumps on Hawkish BoC; USD/CAD to Reach 1.18, Says Goldman Sachs

The Week Ahead for EUR, USD and JPY

Ruble and Rand Best Performers During Busy Week for Emerging Market FX

New Zealand Dollar Slumps on RBNZ; Ringgit Does the Same on Shock Election Result

Australian Dollar Now Worth Less Than Singapore Dollar

There’s a Crisis in Argentina: Central Bank Moves to Prop Up Peso with 40 percent Interest Rate

Higher Yields Support Dollar’s Best Week Since Trump Elected

Swiss Franc Slides to Symbolic 1.2 Per Euro Level, Cheered On by SNB

Commodities to Battle Air Strikes and Trade War for Influence on Australian Dollar

Bitcoin Has Bumper Week as Big Players Prepare to Enter the Market

EUR/SEK at 8-Year High as Krona Struggles with Dovish Riksbank, Trade War

Yuan at Strongest Since 2015, Suggestive of Chinese Bid to Avert a Trade War

Turkish Lira at All-Time Low on Economic, Political Woes

HKMA to Defend Hong Kong Dollar After Slide to Extreme of Currency Peg

Sterling to Remain Steady but Bitcoin, Canadian Dollar Face Difficult Times Ahead

Protectionism Clouds U.S. Dollar Outlook

Thai Baht Spurred On by Tourism; Rallies to 4-Year High Versus Dollar

Australian Dollar Finds Its Feet After 5-Week Slump but Will End the Year No Higher, Says Poll

Canadian Dollar at 2-Year Low Versus Euro as Washington Imposes Steel, Aluminium Tariffs

Chinese Yuan Best of the Week and More Appreciation to Come, Predicts SEB

Philippine Peso in Distress; Nears 12-Year Low on Record Trade Deficit, Lower Reserve Requirements

Inflation Leads US Rate Expectations Higher but Dollar Traders Don’t Care

FX Calm Amid Broader Market Carnage; Dollar, Yen and Bitcoin Benefit

Bitcoin at $8,000 as Regulators and Facebook Strangle Optimism

Dollar Doldrums: USD Suffers Worst Day in 10-Months Despite Pick-Up in Core Inflation

CAD Steals Headlines from Dollar on Dramatic Employment Boost; Asia-Pac Currencies Make Sweeping Gains

Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar at 10-Week Highs on Commodities Strength; Rand and Ringgit Impress

Bitcoin Falls $1,000 as South Korean Government Moves to Regulate Crypto-Trading

Philippine Peso Defies Forecasters, Dollar Down and Bitcoin Plunges

Westpac, ING Forecasts: Australian Dollar Set for 10 percent Decline and Sterling to Climb on Trade Deal, Hawkish BoE

Bitcoin Is a Bubble: It’s a “Classic Case,” Says RBNZ Head

Dollar Higher Following Positive Jobs Report, Baht at 31-Month High and Bitcoin Futures Go Live

Markets Upbeat Ahead of FOMC and Trump Decision; Korean Won Best in Asia-Pac

Rand Continues Recovery Following Shocking Mid-Term Budget

Ruble Volatile After Rate Cut; Reverses From 8-Week Low

Asia-Pac Currencies Make Waves Against Euro After ECB Extends Asset Purchases

Korean Won at 7-Week High, Canadian Dollar Suffers and ECB to Announce Plans for QE

Philippine Peso at Eleven-Year Low and Australian Dollar Falls on CPI Miss

Citi Bank Goes Against the Grain; Predicts Bank of Canada Rate Hike on Wednesday

Yen at Weakest Since July Following Abe’s Decisive Win and Strength in EUR/GBP Predicted

Canadian Dollar Falls Hard After Grim Sales Data Dents Rate Hike Expectations

New Zealand Dollar Continues to Fall; Now Worth Less Than USD 0.7

Yen Unmoved by Exports and NZD Slumps Ahead of Decision on New Zealand’s Future Government

Mexican Peso and Canadian Dollar Jump After NAFTA Trade Talks Extended

SGD and NZD Weaken After Economic Data

A Higher Australian Dollar Poses No Problems for Exporters, Says Treasurer

The Week Ahead for Asia FX

Singapore Dollar Weakens Despite Impressive GDP Growth

EUR/CHF Heading Higher on Policy Divergence; BAML Sees 1.20 as “Minimum Target”

Asia-Pac Gains as Risk Appetite Returns

Turkish Lira Has the Monday Blues; Falls 4 percent on US-Turkey Diplomatic Row

US Jobs Report Best Ignored as Hurricanes Wreak Havoc on Economic Data; Dollar Flip-Flops

Australian Dollar Has Tough Day; Will Go Easy Ahead of US Payrolls Data

A Weak Rand Won’t Be Helped by Further Rate Cuts; Rand Volatility to Climb

US Dollar to Return to Long-Term Decline, Says Saxo Bank

RBA Preview: Australian Dollar, Labour Market and House Prices in Focus

Asian Currencies Have Muted Start to Golden Week

Citi, ANZ, SocGen: Yen to Suffer as Carry Trade Regains Popularity

RBNZ Offers Little for NZD Traders and Trump Trade Is Back On

Scotiabank: Thai Baht to Continue to Outperform in Asia

HSBC Admit Mistake on Euro-Sterling Forecast; No Longer Sees Parity

Political Uncertainty Weighs on New Zealand Dollar and Euro in Aftermath of Elections

Moody’s Downgrade the UK and Elections Begin in New Zealand, Germany

Philippine Peso Weakness a “Sure Bet” Says Alpari; One Dollar to Buy 53 Pesos at Year-End

Asia-Pac Takes a Hit as Fed Sticks to Guns on Rate Hike, Balance Sheet Normalization

New Zealand Dollar Jumps as New Election Poll Suggests National Party Victory

Venezuela Ditches the Dollar, Begins Pricing Oil in Yuan

ABM Amro Has “Strong Conviction” on Future Dollar Weakness; Predicts 12 percent Rise in AUD and NZD

Sterling Soars, Yen the Casualty at the End of Eventful Week

Missile Test Whipsaws Yen and Swiss Central Bank Speaks on Franc

BMI Research: Malaysian Ringgit to Appreciate as Government Seeks to Balance the Books

Singapore Dollar Trades Cautiously but Still Reaches 6-Week High Versus Yen

Further Warnings on Hong Kong’s Housing Market: “Be Very Careful” Says Finance Secretary

New Zealand Dollar Remains Heavy as Election Looms

USD/JPY Finally Breaks 108 on Hurricane Irma Concerns

So Much for Currency Manipulation, Yuan at 21-Month High Amid Dollar Bloodbath

Asian Currencies Plunge Against CAD After Bank of Canada’s Surprise Rate Hike

Indian Government’s Crackdown on Black Market Rupees Fails Miserably

Outlook Looks Good for Australian Dollar Despite RBA’s Unchanged Message

Mixed Opinions on Yen as Currency Gaps Higher Following North Korea’s “Unprecedented” Test

Canadian Dollar the Star as US Data Fails to Deliver

Rupiah Redenomination Has Government Support but Timing Uncertain

Data Fails to Lift AsiaPac Currencies

AUD/NZD Breaches 1.1, Bank of Korea to Meet and US Dollar Shows Its Metal in Recovery

Geopolitics Take Centre Stage, Gives Lift to Yen but US Dollar Remains on the Ropes

Baht’s Climb Not Yet Done, Says New Forecast

Euro Surges Post-Jackson Hole but Swedish Krona Still Number One

NZD/USD Might Fall to 0.69 in Coming Weeks, Says UOB

Korean Won Leads Asian Currencies Higher

Government Forecasts Add to New Zealand Dollar Woes, Currency at 14-Month Low Versus EUR

Barclays: China’s Housing Slowdown to Drag Australian Dollar Lower

Korean Won to Struggle in Any Case, Says Nomura

CAD, AUD, NOK, BRL End the Week Strong After Oil Jumps on Further Bullish News

Brazil’s Real to Appreciate Despite Political Uncertainty

Australia Adds 28k Jobs, AUD/NZD and AUD/GBP Rally to Multi-Month Highs

Yen Falls as Risk Appetite Returns

Banks in Agreement: Euro to Reach Parity Versus Pound

Philippine Peso Won’t “Free Fall” Says Central Bank Governor After Currency’s Fall to 11-Year Low

Little Chance of Another US Rate Hike This Year as CPI Disappoints Again

Yen at 8-Week High as Investors Flee to Safe Havens and Singapore’s Economy Outperforms

Hong Kong Dollar Surprises with Best Day in 18-Months and RBNZ to Stay on Hold Until 2019

Strength in Thai Baht Only Temporary, Says Finance Minister

Drama in Asia as the Yuan Spikes to 10-Month High Amid Speculation of a Wider Trading Band

NZD/USD Expected to Fall to 0.71 by Year-End, Inflation Expectations Weaken Kiwi Ahead of RBNZ Meeting

Dollar Has Best Day Since January After Solid Jobs Report

Hong Kong Dollar Stability Is Shattered as Currency On Course For Another Bad Week

Rupee Leaps to a 2-Year High Following RBI Decision

Uncertainty Ahead of RBI Rate Decision as Rupee Approaches Significant Technical Level

RBA Stay Put and Moody’s Are Unhappy with South Africa’s Monetary Policy, Rand Falls to Long-Term Lows

Yuan and Yen Valuations Currently on Point, Says IMF

Canadian Economy Is Red Hot, Further Rate Hikes Likely to Boost CAD

There’s a “Perfect Storm” for Swiss Franc Depreciation, Currency at 18-Month Low Versus Euro

Thai Central Bank Advises Hedging Baht Appreciation and New Forecast for Philippine Peso

“Most important Data Release in Australia” Turns Aussie Dollar Cold, Now a Great Time to Convert AUD

A Scare for NZD as Contagious Disease Is Found in New Zealand Cattle for the First Time

South African Rand Outlook: ZAR Makes Back Losses Following Surprise Rate Cut but Is Predicted to Fall in Coming Months

Sterling Predicted to Fall 15 percent Before Year-End and RBA Deputy Cools Australian Dollar

Yen Falls After BoJ Admit Defeat on Inflation and Can’t Stop Australian Dollar as Currency Approaches 0.80 vs. USD

Korean Won Holds Yellen-Inspired Gains After Interest Rate Decision

New Zealand Dollar Hits 1-Month Low Versus EUR and GBP, 3-Month Low Versus CAD

A Strong Baht Concerns Thailand’s Exporters, Currency Reaches 17-Month High Versus Yen

Yen Falls for Fourth Consecutive Week as BoJ Works to Drive Rates Down, Says Will Buy an “Unlimited” Number of JGBs

Hong Kong Dollar Fall Continues, Now at 18-Month Low

ABN Amro Upgrade Rupee Forecast, Think Currency Will Finish 2017 Strongly

Taiwan Dollar Rally Is Set to End, Says Survey

Will the RBA Follow Hawkish Lead Set by Other Central Banks?

Yen Falls Intra-Day After Japan’s Ruling Party is Crushed in Tokyo Election

Philippine Peso at 10-Year Low After USD/PHP Finally Breaks Resistance at 50.50

Ringgit Completes Turnaround, Is Asia’s Best Performing Currency in Second Quarter

Yen Falls to 1-Month Low Ahead of Yellen Speech

Philippine Peso Jumps on Profit Taking and Reduction in US Rate Expectations

Sterling Set for Significant Fall, Says Investment Guru

Australian Dollar Outlook: Citi Prediction for Lower Iron Ore Prices Suggests Long-Term Decline in Currency’s Value

Hong Kong Authorities Post Warning on “Dangerous Situation” in Housing Market and RBNZ Keep Cool on Interest Rates

EM Asia Currencies Fall Following Moderately Hawkish Fed Speak

Yen Threatens Major Level Against THB, Falls to Multi-Month Lows vs. NZD and AUD Following Surprise Japanese Trade Deficit

Australian Dollar Falls but Recovers Following Moody’s Downgrade of Australia’s Top Banks

Malaysian Ringgit Trapped in Range Versus Pound, Reverses from Five-Month High

Yen to Fall Most Versus New Zealand Dollar, Says Bank of America Merrill Lynch After BoJ Maintains Status Quo

New Zealand Dollar Finally Turns Following FOMC and Weaker Than Expected GDP

Australian Dollar Unmoved by Fall in Consumer Sentiment

Canadian Dollar Surges as Central Banker Hints at Rate Hike and Hong Kong Dollar Hits 16-Month Low

South Africa’s Rating Downgraded Again but Currency Remains Stable

New Zealand Dollar Strength Continues, Reaches 7-Month High vs. Canadian Dollar

Sterling Tumbles as a Hung UK Parliament Most Likely with Half of Votes Counted

UK to Vote, ECB Decision and Comey Testimony Make It a Big Day for FX and Politics

Australian Dollar at 1-Month Highs Following Better Than Expected GDP

RBA on Hold and It’s Decision Time for the Philippine Peso as Currency Rallies to 7-Week High

Gulf Crisis Begins and RBA in Focus

US Dollar Index Falls to 7-Month Low on Poor Jobs Data

Surge in China’s Currency to 7-Month Highs Has Unknown Cause

AUD Falls Again, Near 1-Year Lows Versus EUR as China Data Beats Australian in the Battle of Greatest Influencer

Pound Falls as Shocking Poll Data Suggests UK Should Brace for a Hung Parliament

New Zealand Dollar Is Best Performer in May but Big Bank Predicts Lower Value Ahead

Rand Tumbles Intra-Day Despite President Zuma Surviving Bid to Oust Him

Thai Baht at 22-Month Highs as Money Pours into Emerging Markets

New Six-Month Highs in Singapore Dollar as Government Predicts Above-2 percent Growth in 2017

Moody’s Downgrades China Debt, Adds Another Weight onto Australian Dollar

AUD/USD Back at 0.75 but That Doesn’t Change Bearish Outlook

Merkel Adds Fuel to Euro Rally, Says Euro “Too Weak” for Germany

Malaysian Ringgit’s Failure to Rally Despite Positive News Could be Important Signal for Currency’s Future Direction

Startling Move in Brazilian Real Highlights Risk of Holding Emerging Market Currencies

Dollar Battered and Fed Rate Hike in Doubt as Trump Jolts Markets

Another 6 percent Fall in AUD/USD Exchange Rate Coming in 2017, Says Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Commodities Support AUD, NZD, INR and Thai Baht Boosted by Better Than Expected GDP

Make the Most of Japan’s Spring Time Charm: Yen Great Value Against Korean Won, Taiwan Dollar, Pound and Euro

Sterling Falls After 4-Week Winning Streak, Fails to Penetrate $1.30 Despite Disappointing US Data

Korean Won Makes Its Move, Malaysia in Focus and Hong Kong Dollar Still Falling

A Decline in New Zealand Dollar Likely as RBNZ Disappoint, Still Sees No Rate Hike Until 2019

Korean Won Stable Following Moon Jae-in Victory

Australian Dollar Getting Cheaper by the Day as Further Economic Data Drags Currency Lower

Traders Bought the Rumour, Sold the Fact as Euro Falls Slightly on Macron Victory

Dollar Falls Despite Positive Jobs Data and Crumbling Commodities Still Taking Their Toll

Euro Is Flying Ahead of French Vote, Markets No Longer Concerned About Le Pen

Fed and Economic Data Add to a Terrible Day for Australian Dollar

AUD/CAD at Six-Month Highs, Is It Time to Get Some Loonie?

Australian Dollar Little Changed Following RBA

Scotiabank: Four Conditions for Asian Currency Appreciation in 2017

Malaysian Ringgit Outlook: Has It Turned a Corner?

Three in a Row for Japanese CPI Growth and Trump Pantomime Continues

Gradual Appreciation of Taiwan Dollar Likely, Says Research Group, and Stormy Waters Possibly Ahead for Emerging Market Currencies

Aussie Falls on CPI Miss and Hong Kong Dollar Slide Continues, Now at Fourteen-Month Lows

Yen to Weaken Against US Dollar in Coming Months, Says Citi Bank, and US Protectionism Begins with Trump’s Canadian Lumber Tax

Euro Jumps to Multi-Month Highs Vs. USD, NZD and AUD: Markets See Macron as Near Certainty for French Presidency as He Faces Le Pen in Election Second Round

Get Your New Zealand Dollars This Year Rather Than Next, Suggests Bank’s Latest FX Forecasts

Highest New Zealand Inflation Since 2011 Pushes AUD/NZD to Six-Week Lows

Sterling Soars on May’s Election U-Turn and Switzerland Denies Currency Manipulation

South African Rand Stable Three-Weeks After Political Reshuffle

Dollar Plays Catch Up, European Elections to Begin and Pleasant Surprises on China Data

Big Miss in US Inflation to End the Week, and Falling Iron Ore Likely to Keep Pressure on Australian Dollar

Thai Baht Close to 21-Month Highs as Central Bank Governor Denies Currency Manipulation

Singapore’s Growth Roller Coaster Continues and RBA Posts Warning on Housing Market

Bank of America’s Yen Recommendation Proven Wrong Within Hours Amid Markets’ Flight to Safety

Philippine Peso Starts Q2 with a Bang

A Big Increase in the Yen Is Coming, Says Analyst at Investment Bank

US Dollar Resilience Forces AUD/USD below 75.00 and Indian Rupee Skyrocketing

Yen Jumps as US Missiles Strike Syria

Bankers Hint at End to Historically Cheap Euro

Wednesday’s Data to Breathe New Life into FX, and Time to Buy Your Sterling

Is an Australian Dollar Reversal on the Cards?

Australian Dollar / Yen Outlook: ‘Aussie’ Strong Enough to Halt the Yen’s Advance at 84.00

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