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  1. Do not use a bank!
  2. Cut costs (foreign exchange rate margin and fees) by Comparing Providers
  3. Time transactions to when the market is in your favour - Setup FX Alerts.

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  • Transferwise
  • OFX
  • WorldFirst
  • World Remit
  • CurrencyFair

Money Saving Guides

Best exchange rates sending money abroad

The holy grail when you send money abroad is finding an organisation that you can trust and one that offers the best exchange rates along with transparent, smart and straightforward customer service.

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A Guide to Buying Overseas Property

Tips on Buying your dream property abroad.

Save Money with Regular Overseas payments

Setting up regular international payments is easy and can save you time and money If you have recurring overseas transfers to make, consider automating them to simplifying your personal administration and save time in the process. Whether that be for paying an overseas mortgage, receiving a foreign pension, or paying for overseas tuition fees for […]

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