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    Brent Crude Oil Exchange Update, Chart & History

    OIL Markets Update - Our review of Brent Crude Oil Forecasts and News plus Charts and Historic Rates. Check OIL Trends over various time periods.


    Brent Crude Oil (OIL) Market Update

    The OIL currency has seen notable movements against key pairs recently, with OIL to USD trading at 90.13, 7.2% above its 3-month average, amidst a volatile range of 77.21 to 91.17. Similarly, OIL to EUR at 84.90 is 9.2% above its 3-month average of 77.75, and OIL to GBP at 72.53 is trading 9.1% above its 3-month average of 66.5. Notably, OIL to JPY has hit 90-day highs near 13941, standing 10.5% higher than its 3-month average, demonstrating a wide-ranging volatility from 11451 to 13941.

    Considering the outlook for oil, FX analysts highlight its integral role in modern society across various sectors such as transportation, packaging, and food production. Despite sustainability efforts reducing dependence on non-renewable resources, crude oil is expected to uphold its crucial economic significance and serve as a geopolitical influencer. The growth in demand for oil, aligning with global GDP expansion, has been consistent since the 1960s, averaging an increase of 1 to 2 million barrels per day annually. Looking ahead, the landscape may evolve drastically as emerging technologies disrupt the demand for oil products in key industries, suggesting potential shifts in the market dynamics for the OIL currency.


    Brent Crude Oil to US dollar - OIL/USD Trend

    OIL to USD at 90.13 is 7.2% above its 3-month average of 84.11, having traded in a very volatile 18.1% range from 77.21 to 91.17
    1 OIL =
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